Tips for Crafting the Perfect Video Ad with Wave.Video’s Online Editor

Do you want to start creating video ads using a video online editor but you don’t know how? This blog post is specifically for you.

Video ad content brings brand awareness and profit to your business. To build an online presence, businesses compete with each other using different marketing strategies and one of the most effective approaches is video marketing. However, some business owners or marketers feel intimidated or overwhelmed when creating their first video.

Continue reading and learn more about how to craft a perfect video ad using Wave.Video’s free video editor.

Tips for Crafting the Perfect Video Ad

Tip#1: Select Templates

Using a desktop computer or a laptop, you sign in to your Wave video editor free account using Google or use your Facebook login. You can also sign in via Twitter or your Apple login–whichever is suitable for you. A prompt will ask you to Accept or Decline all cookies; you can click either Accept or Decline.

First thing to do is to select ‘Templates’ so you can select what size or shape you want your video ad to appear. On the right side of the web page, you can choose from the scroll down menu which type of video format is suitable for you. Choose from horizontal, square, vertical, Facebook cover, or story and reels–depending on your purpose of posting a video.

Tip#2: Add Videos and Photos

After choosing your style, you go to Add Videos and Photos. Wave’s free online video editor allows you to access the varying options of videos or assets library that are either free or paid. You can also choose a background color for your video if you click on ‘Colors’ category. When searching for a video, you can also type a keyword in the search box or select Preview to view how it appears. Click the star on the upper left corner of the video and it will automatically add to your Favorites. If you selected videos that are paid assets, they will appear on the Purchased tab. If you have chosen a video, click on the ‘Add’ button. In case you can’t find the video or photo you’re looking for, you can upload your own video by clicking the Uploads tab.

Tip#3: Add Text

You can add a text or edit the ‘Your Message’ template where you can place your message in the middle of your video. You can zoom in or zoom out the video, if you zoom out, the background color will show on the sides. On the right side of the screen, you can see the Speed tab with drop down menu and adjust the speed according to your liking so it can play faster or slower.

It’s also possible to change the color of the background in your text box. Also, it’s possible to change the font size of the message in your text box by moving the side arrows on the text box or choose the size you want form the drop down menu on the right side of the screen. Change the font style by choosing the font you want from the menu on the right side too. Modify the positioning of the text box by dragging it where you want: center, right or left–it’s up to you.

Tip#4: Trim Your Video

Trimming your video is possible. If you want to make the video a bit shorter, cut it. Select which part you want to trim and just click on the Trim button with scissors icon on the right side of the screen and it will open the trimming editor. Just drag the blue box left or right where you want to make the video shorter. Once you decide where to cut, click on the blue ‘Trim’ button and you’re good to go.

Tip#5: Add Audio or Background Music

There are three ways to add audio or background music in your video. On the timeline, you can hover your mouse below the video and you will notice the plus sign and Audio (+Audio), when you left click the plus sign on your timeline or click the Audio tab on the left side tab of the screen. Doing the latter will prompt you to choose from a variety of music and there’s a search tab in case you’re looking for a specific music. When you click the +Audio, a drop down menu will appear and give you the option to add music from stock library, uploads, etc.

Tip#6: Add Your Logo and Call to Action

Wave gives you an automatic call to action and the freedom to add your logo (if you have one) for brand awareness. Drag the second to the last frame or video and you can make that video longer by dragging it to the right. You will see +Text icon which will enable you to add a logo and a call-to-action. Otherwise, you can just click the cross and it deletes it.

Tip#7: Add Graphics, Stickers, and Emojis

Click on overlays and stickers on the left side of the screen to add creativity or to make your post pop up in social media. Choose from the variety of stickers, graphics, emojis or giphy on the right side of the screen. Play with the transition effects and apply what you want to add the effect you like.

Tip#8: Play Your Video and Publish!

Play from the beginning to check your video project. Once you’re happy with the end result, click the Publish button. Depending on your plan, you have the option to share your video on various social media or download the video on your desktop PC or laptop.

Wrapping Up

With the tips above, you can now craft the perfect video using an online video editor that’s free and easy-to-use. Regardless if you’re a newbie as video creator, your video ad would look like a pro if you use Wave video editor free online. Video ad results to increasing brand awareness, conversions, and even profit your business. If you’re not a business owner, maybe you’re a marketer or a live streamer–this will benefit your podcast and social media. Hoping this blog post would eliminate your fear when creating and posting your first video. Now it’s easier for you to create a video using this guide.

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