Services You Can Expect from a London Marketing Agency For Your Event

London is a happening city. It is the hub of events in the UK and draws people from all corners of the globe. Sports events, fairs, conventions, music festivals, food festivals, parades, auto shows, etc. are worth a dozen there. Smaller ones, such as conferences, parties, and other social gatherings, are common too. The events industry contributes over 400 Million Pounds annually to the city and employs over 21,000.

It’s safe to say that having London as the host city is a wonderful choice for an event. To stand out from the noise, however, you’ll need a marketing agency London. They will get you the visibility and voice you need to make your event successful by attracting the footfall needed for it.

Blowing the Trumpets Aloud

A marketing agency provides a whole host of services that can be tailored to your event’s specific needs. The marketing professionals will utilise all the channels available for the best impact and maximum reach. They can also guide you with some strategies to improve your event’s appeal. Their services come in a wide range of processes and activities crucial to elevating your event’s visibility.

Social Media Marketing

The UK has a total of 45 million social media users. Thirty-nine million of those are mobile-based users. It follows that the best way to gain a proper foothold for your event in the public’s eye is to advertise it on social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc. The added advantage of this is it will also help tap into their roughly 3.6 Billion worldwide users, thus gaining international recognition as well.

The UK’s 2019 social media statistics show a 96% user visitation to those sites, with 77% of them actively engaging with its contents. Your event will surely miss out if it is not on these channels.

Social media agencies can provide professionals who can monitor and interact with the customers on these sites. This will enhance your event’s credibility and appeal to them by clearing any doubts they might have about it.

Influencer Marketing

The rise of social media has created a new kind of marketing opportunity in the form of influencers. These are people on those sites who have amassed a large gathering of followers due to the content they create. They tend to be specific to certain topics, such as travel, food, shopping, etc. They are a great resource to tap into for marketing your event to their followers.

They can be paid to promote your event on their channels/posts/images, etc. It can include discounts on ticket prices when buying through them via a promo code or backlink from their page to yours. Your marketing agency in London can contact them on your behalf. It’s particularly useful to have an event-focused influencer to do the job.

Website and Search Engine Optimisation

Any business needs a website these days. This includes even a temporary one, such as an event. It helps showcase all the information related to the event and sell tickets online right there. A marketing agency will optimise the site to get it to have the best rankings in searches online. This will ensure its visibility when people search for it.

The website will act as the key indicator for people to judge your event and its offerings. The agency can help create and maintain it with the latest technologies and techniques to give it a very polished and professional look. It also doesn’t come at the cost of the fun vibe of the event.

Pay Per Click

This advertising method involves placing still ads on various internet-based platforms and paying for each click or access gained through it. Marketing agencies will take a snap of your event or use a generic one and turn that into a link to your website or social media accounts. Limited relevant information will be placed on the ads for clarity. Short videos are also used.

Digital Signage Ads

From buses to billboards, digital signage is taking over a traditional one. It offers versatility, such as the addition of animations and audio, to get your message across. Your upcoming event can be advertised on such boards anywhere, including at other events. The marketing agency can create signage by themselves or get in touch with the signage companies to create one for your event and have them advertised.

A marketing agency in London will publicise your event to add that sparkle and liveliness to it, which you intend to do to its participants.


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