3 Facts You Never Knew About London Fashion Week

London fashion week is a monumental bi-annual event that brings to life designers’ dreams on the runway. Showcasing designers from all over the world, this event celebrates fashion lovers in England’s capital. This fashion week, organized by the British Fashion Council, presenting collections from over 250 designers to people from around the globe.

London Fashion Week always takes place in – you guessed it – London. The first edition took place over 40 years ago in a West London park and has since evolved to being held in a fancy venue that is broadcast to the world. Fashion can be termed as creativity for the people, read out this article Loranocarter Barcelona for further details.

Let’s see some little-known facts about London Fashion Week that may not be broadcast to the public.

3 little-known facts about London fashion week to make you really wonder!

London Fashion Week is home to big-name designers, like Burberry, and smaller, London-based designers that have yet to make a big break.

Oxford street has honored London’s designers

Back in 2013, London Fashion Week was in its 29th year of running. During this week, Oxford Street lined its sidewalks with 75 fashion flags, each representing the contribution of British designers to the fashion scene in London.

London is known for its streetwear, a style of casual clothing that became a global trend during the 1990s. Instead of wearing high-end clothes to go to work or to school, grunge and casual graphic design items became the staple clothes in many Londoner’s closets.

Oxford Street took this time to honor the British designers who helped pave the way for London fashion, hanging flags for people like Vivienne Westwood, Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen, and other high-end designers, like Burberry. Learn more about London Fashion Week at www.luvlybeauty.com

Stella McCartney’s collection sold out

Back in 1995, Stella McCartney was at the pinnacle of her fashion career. During London Fashion Week of this year, her collection sold out after the spring and summer shows. What’s even more amazing? McCartney was a student during this time, balancing coursework with creating high-end fashion pieces from the runway.

Stella McCartney is the daughter of the famous Beatles’ frontman, Paul McCartney, but didn’t let his legacy overshadow her accomplishments. She is a famous designer, animal rights activist, environmental activist, photographer, and musician. Stella is one of the biggest names in the London fashion industry after her sold-out show at the London Fashion Week, cementing her place as an influential figure in English fashion.

London Fashion Week is known for blogging

The blogging community is huge in the London Fashion Week scene, with 2,000 bloggers joining the scene in the 2012 fashion week – a number which has surely increased in the past 10 years. Bringing international awareness to this important English event has increased the popularity of London-based designers, helping influence the streetwear and fashion of people all over the world.


London Fashion Week is a bi-annual event that is huge in the fashion industry in England’s capital. With big-name designers, like Burberry, and smaller, London-based designers who eventually make it big, like Stella McCartney, this fashion show is key to local success.

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