Best Handy Home Repair Tools of 2020

It is all of our collective goals in life to end up owning our own home. It is something that we strive for each day, working towards it in small steps with the persistence of the dedicated. What we don’t consider is that there is more to the ongoing cost of owning a home than just those associated with running a household. sure, you need gas and electric… but you also need a selection of tools which are going to keep home repair and maintenance tools to a minimum…

We set out on a mission to list the best products, tools, and home hacks, to help you be prepared in almost any home maintenance situation.

The Best Home Tools to Keep Handy About the House

Let’s get down to business. If you aim to be a prepared homeowner, stock your spare cupboard with the following items…

1 – Mouldable Glue


mouldable glue is an innovative product that is fairly unique in nature. It is technically a glue, comes in the shape of a putty, and can be manipulated into whichever shape you need it. This makes for a plethora of uses all over the home. Better yet, Sugru is waterproof, so can be used in either the kitchen or the bathroom alike.

Once applied, wait 24 hours for Sugru to set firm. After this period, your repair will last for years. The sheer versatility of being able to mould any shape that you like from this stuff makes it indispensable. Chuck it in your top drawer and one day, when you think a scuff or dent is going to cost a fortune to fix, you will remember your Sugru and save yourself a fortune… remember to come back and thank us, when it happens.

2 – Extra Lightbulbs

This is a simple premise – but is one of the most effective ways to run a smooth home. Buy two lightbulbs every time you have to buy bulbs. It’s easy. This way, when the first breaks, you don’t need to go hunting. Have a dedicated cupboard where you can store them up high if you don’t want to be left in the dark this winter. While we are talking about extra things, pick up a pack of 13v fuses, too.

3 – White Paint x 1 Tin

White paint is the neutral stamp that will cover a world of imperfections. Does it look dirty? Paint it white. Does it look mouldy? Paint it white… Do I need to replace it? Paint it white first because it is always worth a shot. White paint can perk up your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, or living space, and all with nothing more than a brush and some hope. Trust us. Try it and see.

4 – Furniture Pens

These clever little pens come in all colours, shapes, and sizes. Traditionally they are brown, since so is most wooden furniture. To use them, uncap them, then draw over any scratches in your nice wooden table, sideboard, or TV display case. Keep a pen the colour of your furniture and sketch away any blemishes with the stroke of the pen.

Handy Home Products that Help Your House

So before you rush out and spend a fortune on repairs, take our advice, try some Sugru, and see what works for you!

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