Office Decorations That Will Increase Your Productivity

Use the right color scheme.

Are you wondering what colors to use in your office? Keep in mind that office decor depends on what kind of work you are doing and what message you want the color to convey. Moreover, the saturation of color will affect how workers respond to it. High saturation colors will stimulate, while low saturation will soothe. Now onto the colors you can use in your office to increase productivity:

  1. Blue

  • Blue is the best color for stimulating the mind. So, if you need to work all day using only your brain, blue will be the best choice to achieve the highest productivity.

2. Green

  • Green is the easiest color on the eyes, so if your team works mainly on the computer, green might be an excellent way to soothe the sore eyes and to restore balance.

3. Orange/Yellow

  • This is the perfect choice for organizations that require out-of-the-box thinking and creativity for their work. Orange also stirs up excitement and enthusiasm.

4. Red

  • Red is the perfect color for those who work in physically demanding jobs, but red should definitely be avoided in the office setting due to its emotionally intense nature.

You will need plenty of natural elements and sunlight

Studies have shown that natural elements and sunlight exposure in the office significantly improve employees’ work attitude and mental health. Therefore, incorporating wood, plants, or large windows will be beneficial to both the employer and the employees because it will increase the overall productivity of the whole office. If you really want to go the whole nine yards, don’t forget about bathroom design. As one of the leading bathroom partition manufacturers, OPP can help transform your office bathroom.

If you don’t have the option to remodel your office anymore or don’t have the funds and energy at the moment, here are some low-budget high-reward solutions:

  1. Buy your employees some plants to take care of. By incorporating more natural elements, your workers will be healthier and more productive.
  2. Alternatively, invest in photos of nature you can hang in the office.
  3. Allow your employees times for walks outside, where they can breathe in the fresh air and absorb the sunlight, which might be the key to success for offices equipped only with artificial lighting.

Scents scents scents.

The key to the highest productivity levels is to not neglect any senses. The smell is the strongest of all senses and therefore plays a vital role in keeping everyone stimulated for the whole day by influencing brain activity. For a nice smelling office, use either scented candles, or safer option – aromatherapy diffuser.

  1. Lavender/ jasmine

  • Both scents have very calming, relaxing, and anti-anxiety properties.

2. Rosemary

  • Improves memory retention, fights physical exhaustion and energizes the mind.

3. Citrus

  • It has antiviral and antibacterial properties and boosts the immune system, which makes it the perfect choice for the winter months.

4. Peppermint

  • Energy booster that increases concentration and stimulates the mind.

Modern Furniture

By using modern furniture with elements of fur, pillows, and padded seating, you can add a touch of softness around the technology equipped office. It will alleviate the feeling of pressure and urgency radiated by pointed and hard furniture. Overall, the workspace will be welcoming and warm, decreasing anxiety and tension.

If you want to implement a change in your office, so your workers can be as productive as possible, but you can’t find the time to do it, you can seek help from a company like GAM Inventory Management. They offer various services such as office storage for your old furniture, various labor services, cubicles or art installation, and many others that could help you with the workspace remodeling. Now, you are all set!

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