Colour Combination Ideas for Study Room

Colours can easily attract attention and also set up the tone of all types of spaces. It can also improve a person’s productivity and mood. That’s why it’s essential to choose the correct colour for a room, especially for the study room. You can learn about the relationship between interior designing and room painting, on this website:

Many experts have pointed out that homeowners should avoid using darker hues for study rooms. But whether you use the study room for studying late at night, to work or pay bills, the right shade can brighten the whole room. It will also make the room look beautiful and bigger.

This post will teach you about some fail-safe plates perfect for the mood-boosting study room. These are:

1. Sky, Sand and Sea

Surf white, sandy beige and sky blue are unique colour schemes for the study room. Nature-inspired and lighter hues will not just make the space airy and open but also add a soothing and grounding vibe. If you want to use this palette properly, you need Express Painting experts for the job.

They will paint blue and beige on two different walls of the study room. The professionals will finish all the trims, skirting and other detailing with white.

To take the décor to a new level, you can paint white, beige and blue in the form of checks, chevron or stripes. Otherwise, you can paint them in patterns like ikat, damask, or quatrefoil over any room wall.

2. Grey and Deep Brown with Silver

The grey and deep brown study room, paired with a touch of silver, can promote creativity and increase concentration. This colour combination also creates a productive and calming space. Due to these three shades, the room carries a chic appearance.

3. Cold, Hot and Neutral

Rather than going for shades like ‘blue for boys’ and ‘pink for girls”, use light grey, aqua and orange. Using neutral, cool and warm shades together will create a balance in the room. It will also set up a youthful mood in the study room.

When you’re layering the hues, be sure that the chosen shades are not different in terms of saturation and tones. Apart from these colour combinations, you can also go for cool and warm shades like:

  • Green and Baby Pink
  • Teal and Light Yellow
  • Aqua and Coral
  • Muddy Green and Plum

4. Grey and Lavender

All tints of purple, from dark to light, can bring an elegant touch to all rooms, including the study space.

A light hue of grey paired up with lavender will provide the study room with a colour combination which is pretty refreshing, like the early morning dew.

This particular colour combination will also go well with all age groups. This means it will look good in a child’s study room and in a home office.

5. Grey and Pink with Copper

Regarding the best Interior Paint Ideas, grey and pink with a hint of copper is a great choice. This particular colour combination is calming to the mind and comforting to the eyes.

This colour scheme is ideal for all working women or teenage girl rooms. The shades are light to the eyes, and you will not feel lazy or tired after studying or working for hours.


Choosing the right colour combination for your study room, it’s extremely important. Doing so will increase your concentration, improve your productivity, and prevent you from feeling lazy or tired.

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