Top Colors Making a Splash in 2024

Summer is a great time to complete some home improvement projects around your house or apartment. Whether you want to do a complete property revamp and remodel or simply do some more cosmetic changes to freshen things up, you’ll need to concentrate on which colors you choose to use.

If you need some inspiration, check out the following hues making a splash in 2021.


If you like surrounding yourself with soothing, peaceful colors, you might like to decorate your home with therapeutic green shades. Many different greens are trending right now, such as mint, moss, gauzy seafoam green, and bright emerald green. You can also find increasing numbers of products coming out in leafy greens, olive greens, and forest greens.

Whether you want soft, pale hues or deeper, rich shades, you should discover something that suits your preferences. Greens are particularly useful in home offices and living rooms with plenty of technologically-based items – the color helps balance out the artificial feeling you get from having multiple gadgets in a space.


In 2021, one of Pantone’s Colors of the Year is Illuminating. It’s a sweet yellow hue that’s indicative of how popular this kind of happy color is now. After one of the most challenging past years in recent history for millions of people, it seems fitting that today there’s a focus on sunny shades that bring some light and fun to a home. Yellow is noticeable in not just paint colors but also furniture, accents, and the like.

If you’re not keen on anything too bright, though, you’ll be pleased to know you can also easily decorate with soft, muted yellows that are closer to a neutral look. Plus, there’s quite some demand for warm tones named things like butter, honeybee, dandelion, butterscotch, pineapple, corn, Tuscany, and mustard.

Natural, Earth-Based Tones

With many people having missed spending as much time outdoors and in nature as they usually do due to COVID-19 restrictions, it’s no wonder that another key trend this year is using more earthy, grounded tones in interior design. Manufacturers, decorators, and individuals alike are gravitating towards natural, rich shades that hark back to things we see and touch in the great outdoors.

If you want to follow suit, choose a cozy color palette based on colors such as burnt orange, terracotta, muddy red-brown, rich chocolate brown, mossy green, dusty gray, and warm ochre. Also, Dulux’s Color of the Year 2021, Brave Ground, is a more pared-back earthy shade you could use.

All of these nature-based shades help give us a cocooning, calm feeling. You can choose them for fixtures such as lighting or large or small ceiling fans, your wall paint colors, flooring and area rugs, artwork, key furniture pieces, accessories, cabinetry, and even hardware items.

Passionate, Moody Shades

Perhaps, though, you’d prefer to decorate your home with passionate, moody shades. If so, you’ll be right on trend. These deeper colors add drama to an environment and give you more depth and visual interest. They’re also helpful for providing some clear definition to spaces.

Some examples include punchy mulberry with its plummy blue undertones, or passionate reds and burgundies. You might like to choose some deep peacock blue shades for your property or go for bold jewel tones that are having their day. We’re seeing increasing use of sapphire blue, strong indigo, hunter green, ruby red, dark teal, and emerald green.

These hues all pair nicely with crisp white and provide a high level of color saturation. You don’t have to incorporate them in wall colors or big pieces of furniture, though, if you’re not comfortable with that much color. Instead, bring them into rooms in subtle ways with lampshades, drapes, cushions, chairs, and rugs.


For anyone who binged the top 2020 Netflix show Bridgerton last year, you may not be shocked to learn that pastels are having a comeback at the moment. Soft, pretty shades played a big part in the set design for the popular TV series and are now seen everywhere in interior design.

If you want to follow suit, focus on hues such as lavender, blush pink, mint green, and powder “Wedgewood Blue,” the color named after the famous 18th-century jasperware pottery.

If you want some additional inspiration, color-wise, you might like to consider metallic shades, all sorts of blue hues, timeless gray, or an always-elegant neutral palette. Those who love using color in their home are spoiled for choice in 2021, with all sorts of fun light and dark options to consider.

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