Looking for Belize Wedding Resorts: Here’s The Checklist

If you are looking for the perfect wedding on the beach on a tropical island overlooking the Caribbean Sea, then Belize is the place for you. Ambergris Caye and Sandy Point Resorts offer this and much more.

Belize Wedding Resorts Checklist

At Sandy Point Resorts, have Belize Wedding Resorts, the wedding coordinator and their creative team will be there to help you plan and coordinate the details of your perfect wedding. Whether it is an intimate private wedding or one that is extravagant, they can help to make it a reality for you.

Ambergris Caye, Belize, has some beautiful places for beach weddings, destination weddings, and even tropical beach wedding ceremonies. All that is needed is for you to choose the perfect place for your beautiful wedding ceremony. Explore all the different options to decide which one is right for you.

Wedding Coordinator and the Creative Team

The coordinator and the creative team will be there for you through all of the planning of your wedding. They will walk you through each step of the planning process. They will help you find the perfect wedding package for you. They will be there for you through it all. You will go through the process of choosing the cake, talking about the photographer, the flower arrangements, and the drinks from the bar area or the restaurant.

Wedding Package Details

Each wedding package has a name. There is the “Just the Two of Us,” the “Tropical Breezes,” and the “Caribbean Bliss.” All three of them come with an arbor that is draped with sheer draperies and then decorated with locally grown flowers and some greenery. Two of the packages also add a flower arrangement for the arbor. They have the aisle that will be decorated with Locally grown tropical flowers, conch shells, tiki torches, and greenery. There will be a bottle of champagne there to enjoy. The Justice of Peace will officiate the ceremony unless you want a minister, which can be arranged for an additional fee. They will process the wedding license for you. You will need to be there with your passport 3- business days before the wedding with the necessary paperwork. The package includes a bouquet for the bride and a boutonniere for the groom. All of the packages come with a single tier wedding cake. They provide the services of an on-site wedding planner.

The “Tropical Breezes” and the “Caribbean Bliss” packages include a Couples Belizean Massage for the couple. They include seating enough for anywhere from 3 to 100 guests.

The seating includes white chair covers for weddings and either a chair sash or a chair tieback.

Picking the Perfect Wedding Cake

Sandy Point Resorts’ fantastic pastry chefs can make the cake that you desire. You customize your cake to the kind and look that you always dreamed about. You can decide whether you want a traditions flavored cake or if you would rather have a tropical fruity flavored cake.

Photographic Memories

The Belize Wedding Resorts work closely with wedding photographers to offer you the one with the most skill and creativity that is ideal for capturing the perfect pictures and emotions that will make lasting memories for a lifetime. They know that these pictures hold memories that are important to you and your family. Your friends and family will cherish, looking back at the pictures, and sharing the many beautiful memories.

Beautiful Flower Arrangements

The resorts hire the most talented florists that they can to create the most beautiful arrangements and bouquets for your wedding. They will combine the exact flowers that you want to make the perfect bouquet or displays for the wedding and/or the reception. It can be simple but elegant, or it could be something that is a strong floral statement. There are wonderfully beautiful tropical flowers available to you that are locally grown.

Drinks for All

The wedding coordinator will closely work with the restaurant to make sure that there are excellent wines and champagnes. There will be offered a wide selection of drinks for the wedding party and guests will be able to enjoy it. These drinks will include tropical rum punch, local beers, and margaritas. Guests can bring their favorite bottle of wine to the wedding for a fee; this is called a corkage fee.

Ambergris Caye and Sandy Point Resorts offer the bride and groom many options for the perfect wedding. There are different packages to choose from to get what you want. They are the ideal place for the beautiful wedding that you want. There are many different sites that you can explore during the honeymoon. For the perfect destination wedding, check out the resorts in Belize in the Caribbean.

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