Personalized Weddings: 5 Super Unique Ideas for Your Wedding

If you want your wedding to be different and unique, you are in luck. Check out these tips and ideas for throwing personalized weddings.

It’s your special day and you’ve been dreaming of it since you were a child. While we can’t all have a royal wedding that doesn’t mean you can’t make your wedding personalized and a once-in-a-lifetime event that people will remember for ages.

Personalized weddings are all the rage as people throw boring traditions to the wayside in favor of making the wedding their own. There are many ways you can make your wedding personalized and memorable for you and your guests. It just takes a little imagination and knowhow.

Check out our five favorite ways to personalize your wedding and you’ll make even the royals jealous.

Personalized Weddings Always Include Swag

It’s not uncommon for weddings to include little mementos that guests can take home and keep reminding them of your wedding. They can be handmade ornaments or pens with your names and wedding date on them.

There are companies that create custom koozies for weddings so people can have a reminder every time they grab a drink and want to keep it cold. The types of wedding swag are nearly endless and include coasters, personalized napkins, plastic cups and so much more.

Pets Are Cute and a Unique Addition

If the couple has a pet or two that they’ve raised and feel is a part of the family, then you can include them in the ceremony. It could be a four-legged groomsman or assistant to the flower girl. There’s nothing more adorable than a dog or cat dressed to the nines.

It’s unique and will certainly make a memorable experience for you and guests. You can even include your favorite pets in with the pictures as well.

Add a Snapchat Location Filter

We live in a digital world and there no chance that pictures from your wedding won’t end up on Facebook or Snapchat. You can create a special location-centric Snapchat filter for people to use while inside your reception venue.

Imagine having a section for people to comment on your wedding, wish you personalized congratulations and upload picture after picture of your big day. It’s only accessible to people inside the venue so there are no worries of strangers using it.

Tell them all about it in your wedding invitations.

Create Custom Designed Wedding Programs

Wedding programs have long been a standard. It tells people about the wedding, what’s going on and is simple. It’s a nice thing to slip into a scrapbook when they get home.

Why have a boring wedding program when you can customize it with pictures, quotes, and other personal items to truly make it yours.

You can include a page on how you met, how the proposal went and more.

Develop a Custom Cocktail

There’s a lot of drinking that goes on at a wedding. You can have the bartender develop a custom cocktail served only at your wedding. You can name it after yourselves or create a fun name that is special to you.

People order it at the wedding and love it. Soon, your cocktail sweeps the area and is a popular drink in bars and restaurants.

Make Your Wedding Special

You only get one wedding, so make it special. Personalized weddings create unique memories for you and your guests. They’ll be talking about it for weeks after and it can serve as inspiration for other couples when they tie the know.

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