All you need to Know about Concrete Floor Polishing

All those investing a lot of time in selecting the floor materials wish that their floors stay intact for eternity, but that is whimsical. On a surface that endures so many footfalls during the day, surviving in the same shape for years is impossible. Yet, homeowners do all they can in their powers to keep the floors together and floor polishing is one of those tactics. Concrete floors are anyway strong and sturdy but after a certain period, they also need polishing. So if you are opting for a concrete floor polishing, then this one is a useful read. Read on to know all the basics of concrete floor polishing and how to get it right.

  1. What is Concrete Floor Polishing?

To keep the natural shine and look of the floors intact, processes done on the floors after laying them are called floor polishing. In the case of concrete floorings; honing, filling the cracks, and using the abrasive process on a concrete floor is called concrete Floor Polishing. Concrete floors are hardened and tough, which is why polishing them includes a lot of dusting, machining, and finishing. You can trust on floor polishing services to polish your concrete floors. Moreover, floor polishing is divided into multiple types. Based on the package and type of polishing you choose, you can expect corresponding quotes.

  1. Types

When it comes to floor polishing, the types describe the materials used and processes subjected to the floors. On concrete floors, you can expect three types of Concrete Floor Polishing methods namely cream polishing, salt-and-pepper polishing, and aggregated polishing. As the names suggest cream polish is used for a smooth end finish on the surface. On the other hand, salt-and-pepper polishing is used for polishing and hiding a few cracks and redesigning the floors. Additionally, aggregated polishing refers to using stone aggregates to reinvent the aesthetic look of the concrete surface by processing on it. You can pick one of these services and ask for the quotes of the same.

  1. Prepping the Floors

To get the best results from the polishing services, you have to go through a checklist of preparations to make sure the floor is ready for upkeep. To start with, sweeping the floor and cleaning it from any kind of dirt is necessary. Moving on, addressing the holes or cracks in the floor is also important. This is just like preparing a wall for a paint job where you first clean the wall, sand it, and use fillers to fill the cracks and holes. Similarly, check for cracks and holes in the flooring and address them if any.

If you are about to have a polishing job or planning to hire a polishing service, make sure you keep these tips in mind.

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