How to make the best of the lockdown

At the time of writing this article, it is now 2021. So it may be very safe to say that there are some people who are now on the edge. Record numbers of calls have been made that were people seeking help for things such as depression, worries, fatigue and also anxiety. People really are on the edge and as such there has been a considerable rise in the number of people reporting mental health problems. While I do feel you, I also think it is not the best of ideas to dwell on these feelings for too long. All that it will do is that it will act as a spiral that will just lead you further down. It is better to be optimistic about things working out in the very near future and that the situation will somehow pass- whenever that time may be.

It was with that spirit of optimism that I wrote this article and decided to gather some ideas for a fun listicle. I decided to list some things that are guaranteed to lift your spirits during this dark period of human history. I’ll not do you the dis-service of giving you the most obvious things to do such as taking a walk in the park or watching a series. I will also make the assumption that you have gone through the Marie-Kondo phase and that you are now a perfectly capable bread maker. So I will not be talking about these most obvious things but rather I would like to talk about exciting and fresh new ideas that are guaranteed to keep both your mind and body in good spirits.

Get Some Greenery Into Your Home

So, slightly breaking the promise of providing you a list of not obvious things to do, I will take that risk and talk about bringing in some greenery into your home. I, personally, happen to a nerd when it comes to plants and I had started my collection of plants long before lockdown had started. It can be very soothing to nurture plants and to watch them grow and thrive and it can also be equally satisfying and addictive to get new ones, in the best way possible. When you really cannot spend much time outdoors in proper greenery, it can be very calming and helpful to have plants within your home. You might find it it interesting to know that garden centers were one of the very few places that were open during lockdown. So you know for a fact that a lot of other people did also take up this hobby and I would highly recommend you to do so as well.

Build a Home GYM

I happen to be one of those people who have a gym membership but don’t really end up actually going to the gym. So in that regard, this year has been fantastic as most gyms were closed and I did not have to feel any guilt for not going to the gym. I also am not the kind of person who would take up jogging. Exercising is fine and can also be fun but jogging just is not my thing. So the only real options I had with regards to fitness was to build a gym within my home. Trust me when I say this, having a gym at your own disposal, no matter how small it is, can truly change your life. It goes without saying that a lot of people do not like working out at the gym because of the “gym bros”. A lot of people do not feel confident nor comfortable in working out around people who are a lot better at exercising than they are. Therefore, building a home gym (which you will actually use) can be a very fun exciting project for you to take up during the lockdown.

Get Proper Rest and Relaxation With a Home Light Therapy Device

Did you know that light therapy happens to be one of the most popular therapy methods that are available right now. In fact, it has become so popular that we have even seen celebrities posting pictures of them undergoing light therapy sessions, be it at home or at an in-office location.

The benefits of light therapy are plenty. Why we recommend getting this device during lockdown is because it has proven to be very effective in dealing with a lot of mental health issues. It has shown a lot of promise in dealing with issues such as Seasonal Affective Disorder, Anxiety issues, general depression and also fatigue. Another very good reason to get a home light therapy device is because of the fact that you are getting limited exposure to sunlight during the lockdown anyway. Not only does that mean that your Vitamin D intake is going down but it can also cause a whole host of other health problems.

So get a light therapy device and use it for a period of about 40 minutes daily. You will also be superglad to know that this is an extremely safe method of therapy as well that is completely free of side effects.

Take Up Chair Dancing

You have to make up for a lot of lost-party moments that you missed out on during the pandemic. We all know that you are dying to get back on the dance floor and that you just want to meet all your friends again. While that may still be a bit far off, the thing that you can do is to have some sort of fun at home. Who says that you can’t enjoy a bit of dancing by yourself. I know that trend in dancing seems to be highlighting pole dancing but I thought about this and realized that not many people have poles in their homes. However, what they do have is chairs. So just learn chair dancing instead. Well for one thing, it can surely come in handy in dates that you have upcoming.

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