The Positive Impact of Mentoring on Mental Health

Mentoring is about helping others around you. Therefore, a mentor supports, guides, and advises the other person to move in the right direction. Today, mentoring has a strong role in the lives of millions globally, as it allows them to hear their calling and identify their paths. There are plenty of benefits of mentoring. For this feature alone, we will draw a strong connection between mentoring and mental health.

If you don’t know, mental health still stands concrete as a highly stigmatized issue globally, so people have started to speak about it. Because most mental health diseases result from confusion about life goals, struggles with career options, and workplace stress, mentors have a strong role.

In other words, their valuable guidance can help many recover from severe mental health issues. Unfortunately, very less discussed are the positive impacts on mentoring for mental health problems. Therefore, see here how to improve the mental health with help from a mentor:

Supporting Isolation

No wonder mental health issues usually isolate individuals and make them highly intolerant to public gatherings. This is why they are left alone and become insular. While the stigma surrounding mental health issues is decreasing, it is still very hard for the victims to come out of the closet and speak about their issues.

Now that COVID 19 is all over and here to stay, mental health has become even worse for many. Luckily, when you embrace a mentor in your life, they will help pick you up from the depths of isolation.

Better Self Confidence

While low self-esteem isn’t directly linked to mental health, it is still fair enough to draw a strong connection with them both. Therefore, an increase in confidence is an organic consequence of working with a mentor.

Because they have already gone through the highs and lows of life, they know exactly how every situation has to be tackled. Mentors are focused on increasing the self-confidence of individuals. The mentoring relationships register as a safe place for both the mentor and mentee to come across new ideas. Once worked right, the self-confidence will automatically increase.

Lower Levels of Anxiety

Those who have been suffering from anxiety for a long time will eventually start worrying over the mundane details as well. Sometimes, they begin to question their abilities to solve complex problems. Anxiety works drastically because it is a major setback for organizations and the people working for them.

According to WHO, the global cost for the budget lost due to less productivity caused by depression amounts to $1 trillion. Today, there are various actions that businesses can use to show support for their employees. Mentoring has registered itself as the best method to cut down anxiety.

Hope For The Future

Whenever an individual struggle with a mental health issue, anxiety and fear can easily become an obstacle in their struggles. People will feel detached as soon as they fear an impending issue. As explained above, COVID 19 has had a huge impact on the mental health of a large segment of the global population.

A mentor can easily give hope for the future and motivate everyone to become a better version of themselves. Hadn’t it been for the services of mentors, the world would have become a dark hole.

Getting Listened

A good mentor listens closely to the mentee. After all, when an individual can confide their problems to a trustworthy individual, it feels amazing to let yourself loose for a while. Seldom do people get chances of getting listened to, and their problems finding a way to get heard. Thankfully, the availability of mentors makes way for many people to declutter their minds.

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