How To Identify And Improve Your Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure means you’re not going to be able to enjoy your shower properly. You may not have enough pressure to wash the dishes or even use the hosepipe in the garden. The good news is that there are several things you can do to improve the water pressure.

While it is a good idea to contact a reputable plumber Sydney and get the problem sorted properly, you will find its advantageous to understand the issue yourself.

Identifying The issue

The first step n the process is to identify the issue. If you have a sudden and noticeable drop in pressure you probably have a supply issue. This can actually be nothing to do with your home but could be the result of the water board undertaking work in your area. If the water is pouring out of a leak that they are dealing with there is less coming to your home, effectively redcuign the pressure.

However, if the pressure has dropped gradually then the problem is more likely to be with your own water system. You’ll need to identify the issue and address it

Clogged Pipes

Most people think of clogged pipes as something that happens in the waste system. However, debris and corrosion in the pipes can lead to blockages occurring. This reduces the flow of water into your home and lowers the water pressure.

It can be difficult to identify clogged pipes and the best solution is to either flush them or replace them.

Stuck Valve

If any water valve is not fully open it will reduce the amount of water that can get through into your water system. This is because the amount of water in the pipe after the valve is less, effectively reducing the pressure.

You can check all the valves in your home to make sure they are fully open. If any are stuck then there is a good chance they are creating a clog and the valve needs replacing.

Pressure Regulator

Funnily, many homes have a pressure regulator fitted. This allows you to set the water pressure. The main purpose is to ensure the pressure is not too high. A high water pressure can cause joints to rupture and even damage some of the seals in appliances.

In most cases it works very well. However, if the regulator becomes faulty then it may stick in one position, effectively reducing the water pressure in your home. You’ll need to replace the regulator to resolve the issue.

Water Pump

If you naturally have low water pressure then you may need to have a water pump fitted. This increases the pressure and is often fitted just before the shower, although it can be used anywhere in the home.

If you already have a pump then as it ages it may be less capable of producing the pressure you need. At this point it will need to be replaced. Of course, if you don’ have a pump and can’t find another reason for low water pressure, it’s a good idea to fit one.

You’ll probably want professional help to get this done correctly.

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