How to Grow Instagram Account(s) Rapidly with 1394TA

Instagram is now more than just a social media platform for family and friends. It’s become a veritable marketing tool in the hands of businesses looking to engage with their customers on a social and more personal level. Here, businesses share updates, run online ads, post available products and services, and provide customers with social customer service. The main challenge, however, is knowing how to grow an Instagram account.

A business account with lots of followers is one of the first signs of credibility and social proof in the online space. Many Instagram users look at the number of Instagram followers an account has, to determine whether they are legit or an authority in their field.

Growing an Instagram account is no mere feat. It takes time, patience, and consistency to achieve organic growth. Thankfully, there’s an easier and quicker way to ensure growth on your IG account. Working with a social media growth platform like 1394TA is a sure way to get more Instagram followers on your page, helping you stand out in your niche.

Want to learn how? Keep reading to learn how to grow your Instagram account efficiently!

Trust 1394TA for Your Instagram Followers

If there’s one site we highly recommend to grow your Instagram account, it’s 1394TA. Sighted on many high-ranking websites including CNN and Bloomberg, this growth platform has been helping Instagrammers gain quick recognition and fame for many years now.

1394TA is a growth service that provides you with targeted and organic growth methods to boost your Instagram profile. The site gives you the best deals when it comes to purchasing followers and engagement that will help solidify your Instagram marketing strategy.

1394TA serves as an all-in-one social media management tool that enables you to run effective campaigns and achieve the most results on Instagram. On this site, you have access to purchasing IG followers, likes, and views. If you’re tired of the little-to-no forms of engagement on your content, 1394TA is there to help out with its services.

While many growth services diversify their packages to accommodate other social media platforms, 1394TA streamlines its focus to handle Instagram engagement specifically, providing you with tried and tested results.

When you buy Instagram followers on 1394TA, you can rest assured that your potential followers are as real as can be. This site is a “no fake accounts” zone, and what’s more? You get to grow your Instagram audience at an affordable rate, there’s a package for every budget size.

Why You Should Choose 1394TA

Let’s see a few more reasons why 1394TA is the best choice to boost your follower count and support your social media strategy.

1. Helps you build social proof: One of the main reasons working with a growth site is recommended is because it pushes your numbers fast enough to help you stand out on the Instagram Explore page or Instagram in general.

When you increase Instagram followers quickly with 1394TA, you signal to Instagram’s algorithm that your page is important, and it should make you visible to a more relevant audience. It also helps increase brand awareness, especially if you have a new Instagram account.

2. Safe payment options with 1394TA. This website understands the need to keep your personal information and payment details safe. That’s why they provide trusted payment partners to enable you to make payments securely.

3. Exceptionally fast delivery. Why wait, when you can start growing an engaged audience immediately? As soon as you complete your purchase, 1394TA starts to deliver real followers to your Instagram profile.

4. Standby customer support for help. If you ever run into any problems while using the website, 1394TA provides the fastest support team to help you rectify the issue. Just send them a message and you’ll have the issue solved quickly.

How to Grow Instagram Account with 1394TA’s Simple Steps

If you want to quickly get more followers on Instagram, then you should go for a process that’s simple and clear, to achieve the best results. Other aspects of Instagram growth take a lot of hard work and dedication. But the initial profile-boosting stage should be as simple as 1394TA’s delivery process. Here’s how to grow Instagram account(s) with 1394TA:

  1. Click on the Instagram service you wish to purchase, whether Likes, Followers, or Views.
  2. Next, select your preferred package based on your budget and Instagram need.
  3. Input the Instagram link to your profile or the awesome post you want to boost.
  4. Proceed to pay, and watch the new followers and engagement trooping in!

Other Reliable Ways to Get More Instagram Followers

Asides from buying followers on Instagram to grow your IG account, there are other ways to assist your Instagram growth strategy. These tips can also be useful on many social media channels, but focus on them to help boost your Instagram page.

Use a Branded Hashtag

Instagram hashtags are a quick and easy way to improve your visibility on the platform. If you want to reach your target audience organically, including relevant hashtags in your Instagram content can help you achieve this.

Hashtags help users find what they need within the search results, so with the right hashtags, you can direct potential followers and target audiences to your posts. For instance, using the hashtags #skincareproducts in your posts as a skincare brand, will help your desired Instagram audience discover your page.

Take it a step further by making your brand name or your brand’s unique phrase a hashtag. Big companies like Sephora use branded hashtags like #Sephoralife, and #Sephorasale to promote their Instagram posts.

Knowing how many hashtags to use depends on your Instagram strategy. Be sure to conduct adequate research to determine the perfect number for your page, and to discover the most appropriate and related hashtags to use in your posts.

Schedule Instagram Posts for Consistency

Consistent posting is one of the driving forces of growth for Instagram. Your Instagram audience will keep coming back to engage with your posts once they notice that you post consistently and that your posts add value to them.

For visibility, when you upload an Instagram post, share it to your Instagram Stories. Stories appear at the top of your feed on the Instagram app, alerting followers that you have a new post up.

Use Instagram scheduling tools to help you post content at the best time that will engage your audience. They also help with the little things, such as creating a unique and appealing Instagram grid that attracts new Instagram followers when they visit your page.

Post User-Generated Content (UGC)

Creating a sense of community for your audience is another way to ensure steady growth on your page. Encourage your followers to share posts of them using your products or services, as it helps to push your brand into the faces of potential customers on their timeline.

Be sure to repost UGC on your Instagram Stories and Instagram feed and tag relevant users. Not only does this build credibility and trustworthiness, but it also helps you gain more followers. When random users and even your current followers see that other satisfied customers have shopped from you or patronized your brand, they become encouraged to join the band.

Optimize Your Instagram Bio

The Instagram Bio section carries more power than it looks. With your Instagram Bio, you can help the algorithm identify what exactly your account offers. By optimizing it with relevant keywords and information, the IG algorithm will be able to distinguish your type of account, and the followers your page will be most relevant to.

The bio section is also the first part of your page that visitors see, so it should contain clear and precise information about your brand. You only have a few characters to make your point, so make it short and informative.

Avoid Fake Followers on Instagram

With the many growth platforms online, comes the risk of purchasing fake Instagram followers. Some growth sites claim to sell authentic followers but, in the end, they only deliver fake and non-interactive followers that ruin your growth on Instagram.

These fake IG followers are bots that will not engage with your content or will only flood your posts with spam, putting your account at risk of getting shadow-banned or removed completely. If you’re going to buy IG followers, make sure to verify that the site sells quality followers before you make a final purchase.

Do your research and ensure that the new followers that will be sent to your page are real and active, otherwise, you could harm your page.

Leverage Instagram Analytics Tools

Checking your Instagram insights to see which of your posts perform well can give you an idea of the type of content your audience loves. A relevant post to a potential follower will likely earn you a follow. So, analyze your content with the tools provided by Instagram to see how your target audience engages with your posts.

Posts with higher engagement give direction on the types of content you should create. Who knows, you may soon create a viral post that draws in tons of followers.

Use Trending Content Formats

It’s Instagram! There’ll always be something trending that you can hop on. Whether it’s trending audio or a popular challenge, find the best trend that suits your brand’s values and join in on the fun. It’s a great way to put your content out in front of the massive IG crowd and gain more followers.

Also, work with the latest IG content formats such as Instagram Reels, engaging stickers in IG stories, and so much more.

Collaborate with Influential Users

Instagram influencers are one of the latest raves on the app. With different categories ranging from mega to macro, micro, and nano influencers there is a fit for every budget.

Collaborate with them using various strategies, including the popular Instagram account takeover where you get to post on their account for a period. This is also effective in directing traffic to your account.

Similarly, if you have a personal account that is quite popular, you can frequently collaborate with your business page so that your followers can.

Post Captions for Instagram SEO

You’ve not learned how to grow an Instagram account if you’ve not mastered your IG captions.

Instagram captions are great for IG SEO because they provide context for the Instagram algorithm, helping it position your content in front of the right audience. A detailed and descriptive caption that’s sprinkled with the right keywords will boost your discoverability in search results, and you’ll be more likely to show up on the Explore page as you grow your Instagram account.

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