Can Instagram Help B2B Brands: What Experts Say

With around 1 billion users, Instagram has now become a way of our life. Large businesses are opting for Instagram marketing, as it has already become one of the most effective ways of marketing in the new age world.

Many of us are completely aware of the potential of Instagram. When it comes to B2C businesses, it has been proven now how effectively Instagram allows Businesses to attract potential customers.

Instagram is a lot about the number of followers; hence you should think to buy likes on instagram app and increase brand trustability in the eyes of your followers. Now the question comes for the B2b businesses.

The question is, “Can Instagram help B2b businesses as well, the way it helps B2C businesses?”

To find out the answer, read this article.

Can Instagram Help B2B Brands? 


Just the way B2C businesses are getting benefited from Instagram marketing, B2B businesses can also taste the same success in terms of developing brand awareness, brand trust, and eventually increasing sales.

But, you need to ensure that you are doing it the right way.

Why B2B Brands Should Use Instagram

In case you still are finding reasons why you should invest your time and energy in Instagram marketing as you are running a B2B business, here are some reasons for you.

  • It is one of the most popular social media platforms, also for businesses. Almost one-seventh of the earth’s population is active on Instagram.
  • Apart from promoting and selling your services, you also can share some personal stories and also delve into the history of the company.
  • The traditional way of marketing is changing. Now is the time of catchy, short tweets. Social media offers businesses the opportunity to come out of the conventional way and do something new.

B2B Instagram Marketing Tips

Here are some tips for all those B2B business owners who are thinking about considering Instagram as one of their ways of marketing. We believe these tips will ensure proper growth and increase sales.

Tip 1: Use User-generated, Real-time Content

First, you need to forget about all those staged promotional pictures and stock photography. It is time to go real-time. When you are on Instagram, your leads and prospects are always expecting authentic content from you, which will provide a personal glimpse of the culture of your company and the products you are offering.

Tip 2: Move Fast And Mix It Up

Instagram makes it extremely easy for you to post videos and photos on your phone directly through its application. The best part is that you do not need to spend a lot of time creating the content before positions. The Instagram app also lets you do minimal editing like brightness, sharpening, and using some basic filters.

Tip 3: Get Involved In Your Niche

You do not need to look through the window and wonder what is going on inside. Just join the party. Just the way all other social media platforms work, here, you also need to partake in the wider conversations apart from posting content in the feed. You also have to reply to the responses when your community is leaving one.

Tip 4: Make The Most Of Your Bio Link

Instagram does not allow you to include the link of your website in the caption of the posts. However, it allows you to put it in the bio, so you need to utilize that. Always ensure that your bio has the link to your latest offers or blog post. In the caption, you also can mention that the link is present in the bio section. So, the audience will not have any confusion.

Tip 5: With Every Single Post, Tell A Story

It is indeed a fact that on Instagram, the businesses which tell the most interesting stories usually are more likely to build the largest audience. Thus, along with posting photos and videos, you also should include the stories behind the video and photos. This is a great way to let your customers know more about your brands and businesses.

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