How to find a dog walker at a new place?

You are moving to a new place along with your beloved pet and everything is going to be new. To ensure that you and your adorable friend is comfortable and lead a healthy life in the new place, you will have to find a dog walker in the first few days only. Whether you have adopted a new dog or moved to a new neighborhood, finding a dog walker is important as well as intimidating. You only need to find a person whom you can trust for the safety and wellbeing of your pup. While you screen the long distance movers to help you with the move, let us make it easy for you to find a reliable dog walker in the new city:

Identify your and your dog’s needs first:

It is the dog that will have to spend the time with the dog and hence is the most affected party in the process. To ensure your dog has a great experience while strolling in the streets, you must assess your dog’s needs from the dog walker.

  • Consider the breed, size and age:

Each dig is different and requires a different type of walk as per their breed, size and age. A dog walker for a puppy must be available and willing to take the pup out on the streets multiple times a day. On the other hand, if you have an adult dog who is also big in size, the dog walker must be able to take him out for walk and also run with it quite often.

  • Walking preferences:

The requirement for walking and running is obvious but each dog, according to their personality and mood, has unique walking preferences. While some dogs love to walk alone, others enjoy the company of dog friends. Depending upon how your dog loves to walk, you must check that the dog walker is willing to offer you the same.

Consider every source while finding a dog walker:

As you start your hunt for the best dog walker, you must consider the need of your dog’s first. It is recommended that you engage a trained professional to ensure your dog enjoys walking on the streets and also gets its health requirements fulfilled. To find a qualified dog walker, you must:

  • Ask for referrals:

You must have several people in your social circle who will have a dog and must have hired a dog walker sometime or other. You can always ask this group of people if they are willing to share their dog walker with you. They can also help you find a dog by sharing the contact of an agency from where they got their dog walker.

  • Try using an app:

You will be surprised to know the number of online apps that connect you with reliable dog walkers. You can hire a dog walker for reoccurring walks, or a 24/7 dog walker. Moreover, these apps offer you more added advantages including GPS Tracking, nutrient training and more.  A popular dog walking app is called ‘Wag!’, which allows you to find a Wag walker to take care of walking your dog based on your schedule. You can also sign up to become a Wag walker yourself.

  • Engage a kid from the neighborhood:

Yes, if you have a naïve dog with minimalistic requirements, you can always ask a neighborhood kid to walk your dog. There are many kids who love dogs and when you engage them, they get some extra pocket money as well. This is also a very affordable option for these dog walkers whose dogs do not show a difficult behavior.

Ask questions before you engage one:

Once you have identified a handful of dog walker options, you must now start interviewing them to ensure you are making the right selection. This will also help you check the credibility of the dog walker as well as assess their experience. Some questions you must ask include- how much experience do they have, how do they walk the dogs, how much will they charge, what additional services will they offer and such.

Give all the instructions you can:

Finally, once you finalize a dog walker for your dog, make sure you give him/ her all the instructions that you feel are important for them to know for effectively walking your dog. This will help them understand the dog’s nature and requirements and you can sit back and relax that your dog is enjoying his recreational time.

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