Why Hiring a Dog Walk Brisbane Professional is a Good Decision

As you invite a professional service into your home, you expect to add excellent value to your lifestyle. But pet owners know they are gaining a wonderful tool whenever they find the right dog walk Brisbane agency.

How many times has it become difficult to steal an hour during lunch just to let your furry friend out? Or, remember the number of times you have run late and worried that your furry pet has to go potty? Perhaps your dog is so energetic you feel guilty your walks are getting shorter by the day.

All these scenarios have one common trait—your time!

Hiring professional dog walkers provides pet owners with plenty of benefits. Below are five reasons for you to get in touch with a dog walker agency today.

For improved pet health

According to the Pet Food Industry Association Australia (PFIAA), more than 41 percent of dogs in Australia are obese. Pet obesity can lead to various health complications such as osteoarthritis, conditions of the respiratory system and the heart, and Type 2 diabetes.

Plus, dogs can acquire other health problems easily preventable, managed, or diminished via proper exercise. A great way to make sure your furry bundle of joy stays healthy is by providing at least three 20-minute walks a day. A professional dog walker can provide the much-needed exercise even while you are held up at work or resting after a gruelling day.

Good for reinforcing good behaviour and encouraging socialisation

Several dog walks a week will help your animal companion to release pent up energy—and a tired dog is a happy one! This leads to calm behaviour while at home. Do you know that lengthy, frequent walks reduce the temptation in dogs to bite, bark, chew, or use the indoors as an indoor bathroom? Perhaps that is enough to spur you into looking up “local dog walkers near me” online.

If that is not enough reason, then keep in mind that walking the dog also helps stimulate its senses. Sparky has time to feel, smell, see, and hear new and interesting objects during walks.

Such stimulation also includes meeting other animals and people, which is an excellent way of encouraging socialisation. While you take for granted the scenery, brief walks are often the highlight of your dog’s day.

Increased home security

The professional who follows a strict and rigid daily routing is often a target for home break-ins. When you hire a dog walk Brisbane service, you are essentially beefing up your home’s security.

Some dog walkers go the extra mile of performing critical home check tasks. These include checking your home entry points, turning the lights on and off to signal spies that there’s someone at home, and maintaining a constant presence around your home while you are away. This type of physical oversight helps reduce your chances of becoming a crime victim tremendously.

Extra benefits

If you are ready to search for “dog walkers near me” in your browser, here are a few more extra benefits to consider:

  • Your pet stays at home—Hiring a professional means your dog stays in their own home and following its routine
  • Customisation of services—Professionals work with you to configure a plan that works for your dog and within your schedule

Get a professional dog walker today

These are just a few benefits you will see when you hire a dog walk Brisbane professional service. Now that you are asking whether you need a dog walker, just know that it’s a critical question that comes from a place of deep love for your pet. Keep on thinking proactively about various ways to engage Fido with the great outdoors—they will love you even more for that!

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