Handy Discusses the Best Smoothies to Gain Energy

The very first thing that many people consume after getting up in the morning is a strong cup of coffee or tea to kick start their long day. Handy advises you to swap it with a rejuvenating smoothie as apart from being nourishing and fresh, they are an essential part of the balanced diet.

Smoothies can be consumed in the afternoon or mornings to freshen your dull mood. As it’s made from fresh fruits, the enzymes and nutrients have a positive effect on each and every cell of your body. The water-content in a smoothie keeps your body well hydrated and energetic. So, it’s time to take out the juicer and blender from your kitchen cabinet along with milk, herbs, spices, fresh fruits and vegetables and you are good to go.

The Smoothies

Here are a few smoothie recipes that you can consume to gain energy:

  1. Banana peanut butter smoothie – Drink this smoothie to gain an extra boost of energy. Mix peanut butter, banana, milk, flax seeds in a blender for a couple of minutes. You can also add an extra topping of your choice. Your wholesome and healthy breakfast would be ready in two minutes. While peanut butter gives you a sufficient dose of protein and healthy fats, banana completes the requirements of fiber and carbohydrates in your morning meal.
  2. Berry smoothie – One easy to make, popular, and healthy smoothie is the berry smoothie. It consists of major berries from the fresh farm like strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, etc. Mix it with yogurt and chia seed to balance the fiber content in your body in addition to helping you to maintain a healthy gut. The berries help in the digestion process of your body.
  3. Fruity smoothie – Quite popular among the children, this smoothie consists of all the major tropical fruits. Full of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins; this smoothie encompasses all the nutrients required by your body. Mix mango, orange juice, kiwi, pineapple with a dash of protein powder, and feel energetic throughout the day.
  4. Green smoothie – Complete your veggies quota of the day with this green smoothie. Make a smoothie with spinach, green apple, kale, yogurt, avocado, and raspberries. With these energy-boosting ingredients that are rich in iron and Vitamin B, they also have a positive effect on the brain. This smoothie helps you to keep both your mind and body healthy.
  5. Watermelon smoothie – A hydrated mind and body are essential to boost up your mood. So, you should try this smoothie as it can sufficiently hydrate your body. Make a refreshing smoothie with honeydew, banana, watermelon, orange juice, and a dash of your favorite protein powder, or cocoa powder. This also helps in the digestion process of your body and keeps you fit.
  6. Daily smoothie – As the name suggests, this smoothie can be taken daily, and the ingredients can be found quite easily in any grocery store. Mix turmeric, cooked sweet potato, carrot, ginger, lemon juice, and honey. Each ingredient in this mix has medicinal properties and is quite healthy. It helps in strengthening your immune system which gives you the required energy for your day’s work.


According to Handy, it is important to maintain a constant energy level throughout the day to become productive and drinking these smoothies regularly and definitely help. Plus, you also get to consume something natural and healthy every day.

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