How Does a Wall Mount Fan Differ from a Pedestal Fan?

While the good things about summer outnumber the bad ones, there are a few things that we can do to make our summer days even more pleasant. One of these things is to get our hands on a cooling device that works efficiently. You can find a number of different cooling devices for your homes to help you stay away from the scorching summer heat, but nothing comes close to the efficiency and practicality of fans.

Not only are fans much more economical and environmentally friendly than other cooling devices, but they are also needed to ensure that your ACs and coolers work to the best of their abilities. This is why Indian households swear by fans to make summers bearable.

There are many different kinds of fans available in the market today and you can pick the ones that suit your requirement. Two of the most common types of fans are wall mount fans and pedestal fans.

As the name suggests, wall mount fans are mounted on a wall and can be great for people who wish to save floor space. On the other hand, a pedestal fan is a standing fan that can be placed on the floor without a complicated installation procedure. While both these fans have their special benefits, it is important to be careful while deciding what works for you.

Here we discuss a few differences between pedestal and wall mount fans and to help you understand which one works for you.

Wall Mount Fans

Wall mount fans are fans that can be fixed on to your walls and circulate air in the area around them. These fans need to be strategically placed as they can not be moved from one spot to another once they have been installed, but the air direction can be adjusted accordingly.

Wall mount fans are perfect for rooms with limited floor space as they take up no room on your floor. If located correctly, these fans can circulate air efficiently and cause excellent cross ventilation.

If you’re looking for a fan for a smaller room such as a bathroom, kitchen, or even a study, a wall mount fan can be perfect for that.

Pedestal Fans

Unlike wall mount fans, pedestal fans are placed on the floor. These fans do not require any permanent fixtures and are easy to install. All you need to do is plug in the fan to an electric outlet and it’s good to go.

The portability of these fans makes them incredibly useful as you can pick them up and carry them to any part of your home. Whether it’s your balcony or your lawn, with a pedestal fan you can enjoy cool breeze no matter where you go.

These fans are also incredibly low maintenance, which makes them a great investment for everybody.

Choose Wisely

While both pedestal fans and wall mount fans are excellent for residential use, these fans have their own unique purposes. This is why you must consider your requirements, space, and lifestyle carefully before investing in any of these fans. Another thing you must consider is the brand. While there are days, the markets are flooded with different kinds of fans, you must remember to go for high quality products from reputed brands like Luminous.

Luminous has made a mark for itself in the market and is known to offer high-quality, reliable products. So, head to their website today and get your hands on a fan that suits your requirements.

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