5 HVAC tips for homeowners

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (or HVAC for short) is an essential part of any modern home. Just as essential is their maintenance and care. Otherwise, you could be looking at massive bills for repairs and other issues that could’ve been easily avoided. So, here are five effective care tips for your HVAC systems:

Regular maintenance:

Whether your home has Ducted air conditioning or any other alternative HVAC methods, regular maintenance is critical. It is necessary for extending the life span of parts in that system. Sure, the system will work fine without any maintenance for a considerable amount of time. But, when it does break, it’s going to break in an expensive manner.

Money isn’t the only issue either. HVAC systems are not an optional feature of households. Heating in winter and air conditioning in summer is a must, so getting that taken away for days due to broken parts isn’t very pleasant. Having at least a biannual maintenance session can drop the risk of spontaneous breakdown to pretty much zero.

Proper window usage:

While we keep our hoses nice and insulated, windows are often neglected. Even if you get the modern insulating windows with multiple glass panes, they are still going to be the biggest energy loss reason in your house. So, learn to use curtains effectively. Leave them open during a winter day to let as much heat inside from the sun as possible, and close them at night for added insulation. Do the opposite in summer. Close them during the day to prevent heat buildup, and keep them open at night for additional cooling. This will not only save you a lot of money in the form of lower energy bills, but it will also reduce some load off of your HVAC, making it last longer.

Consistent filter swap outs:

The outside air is filled with countless particles, consisting of everything from simple dust particles to pollutants. All of these are luckily blocked by the air filtration system in your HVAC. But this also means that all of it is going to build up in the filter, hindering airflow. So, it is necessary to replace your air filters at least once a month. This will make it so that your HVAC system runs with better efficiency and doesn’t have to work as hard to get the same results.

Seal your home:

You might not think about the small crack and creeks in the insulation of your house, but they can all pile up fairly quickly. So, make sure to seal everything up nice and thoroughly. You can get the help of an insulation guide for the most optimal results.

Use a smart thermostat:

Thermostats are a great way of adjusting the temperature within your house. Constantly having to adjust it, however, can become tedious, so most people avoid it. This wastes a lot of energy and puts an extra toll on your HVAC. Smart thermostats dynamically adjust the inner temperature according to the outside, benefiting your HVAC system from overwork and potential breakdowns.

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