7 Tips To Prepare Your Home For The Summer Weather

It’s the time of the year when we all enjoy the sun, long days, and warm weather. But that means our homes will be subjected to extreme conditions. You can learn about the measures you need to consider in your home specifically for the summer season, on this website: http://www.betterhomeguide.com

Here are some tips to help you prepare your home for summer weather.

1. Get Rid of Clutter

Clutter is a magnet for dust, mold, and pests which can create serious health problems and discomfort in your home environment. Clutter also decreases a room’s air quality by decreasing airflow leading to higher levels of humidity and temperature fluctuations in your home. Give yourself ample time to declutter before summer arrives so you don’t feel rushed to find a place for everything after the season starts heating up.

2. Have the Air Ducts Cleaned

Air ducts provide a pathway for pollutants to travel throughout your home. If you don’t clean your air ducts, you will breathe in all kinds of harmful pollutants that are blown around every time the central air unit is running. Keep your air ducts in good condition and clean them to ensure they don’t become a health hazard.

3. Clean the Chimney

If you use your fireplace during the summer season, you should consider having your chimney cleaned before the fire season starts. Signs of a dirty chimney include clogs and soot buildup on walls. These can be dangerous to your health if they remain unaddressed. A clean chimney will also help prevent fires in the fireplace when it gets very hot.

4. Check Your Home’s Air-Conditioning and Heating Systems

If you live in a cold air-conditioned building, you’ll need to pay attention when it starts getting warm outside and turn up the heat in your building. Your unit will be more efficient if tuned to the appropriate temperature during the summer and winter months. Also, if you have an old system that needs repair, contact a licensed HVAC contractor.

5. Use an Indoor Fan for Those Hot Summer Days

Using an indoor fan will circulate the air and provide you with a more comfortable environment. Make sure that you place it in front of the door to help prevent cool air from escaping.

6. Inspect Your Doors and Windows

Check the seals around your doors and windows to ensure they aren’t cracked or allow cool air to escape. The summer heat can make your home very uncomfortable. You won’t be able to do much about the temperature outside, but you can take some easy steps to keep cool inside your home.

7. Clean and Vacuum Your Upholstery

Dust, dirt, and other buildups can get inside your upholstery, causing you to feel hotter than the temperature outside. The heat from the sun will also seep through your furniture and into your home. If you’re dreading an air-conditioned summer day, consider buying a lint-free vacuum for hardwood floors and upholstery.

As you can see, there are several things you can do to make your home more comfortable during the hot summer months. Don’t wait until the hottest days to inspect your AC and cooling systems. Taking action now will reduce your chances of having to make repairs when temperatures are high.

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