Effects of Steroids on The Body


Steroids are particular hormones in the body and are generated to aid the body in functioning properly. Steroids are equally responsible for body growth and development plus the ability to fight and dealing with stress.

These steroids are commonly used by teens either as pills, creams, or injections for a couple of reasons including enhancing sports performance or modifying looks. Steroids have some effects on the body both positively and negatively.

Clomid for sale also known as Clomiphene Citrate is a widely used drug when it comes to Post Cycle Therapy (PCT).

Effects of Steroids on the body

The most consumed steroids are anabolic steroids and they are the most highly consumed steroids today. It is a man-made version of steroids that aid in increasing testosterone in the body which is responsible for the increase in muscles. They can be taken by mouth or injected directly into the muscle.

Clomid for sale has a good number of functions on the body and is used for the treatment of some feminine issues. They can be used in treating infertility issues in women. They stimulate the increase of hormones that maintain the growth and relief of a mature egg which is always released during ovulation. But it is not advisable for women whose ovaries cannot naturally produce eggs to consume them.

Why are anabolic steroids prescribed by doctors?

  • Anabolic steroids are prescribed when the body fails to generate enough testosterone.
  • When teen puberty is delayed
  • People with lethal diseases like cancer or AIDS
  • Those who lose a lot of muscle mass as a result of critical health issues

The abuse of steroids

  • Steroids become abused when people start consuming it without a doctor’s prescription
  • People tend to consume them more than required and hence the abuse

What are some of the side effects of anabolic steroids?

In as much as the benefits of steroids appear glamorous; they do have some side effects on the body especially when used for long periods. So, it is much better to use steroids for sale with utmost caution.

Effects on testosterone production

One of the disadvantages of using steroids for a long period is that; they can stop the body from generating testosterone naturally.

Can cause acne

Another effect is that it can result in one having visible marks on the body, acne on the face, and water retention fluid.

Effects on men

When steroids are used for long, it can cause the body tissues to become smaller and can result in low sperm count, and impotency.

Effects on women

Women, who tend to use steroids for long face the male pattern of baldness, some tend to grow facial hair, infertility, breast growth, deeper voices and even irregular period issues.

Abuse on steroids can equally damage one’s bone growth and even the height of teens. It can equally affect someone’s mood swings. Some people tend to become easily angry and aggressive when they tend to consume lots of anabolic steroids.

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