5 tips to make sure the Instagram success in 2020

Presently, over a billion people use Instagram everyday, and the number is constantly increasing. With time this platform has developed into an opportunity for brands to promote themselves to a large audience and attract more customers.

To make your profile a success, you first need to design an impeccable Instagram strategy that will help you in attracting new customers and building a loyal customer base. 200 million users visit at least one Instagram profile daily – this is enough reason to explain why your Instagram strategy must be top-notch in 2020. Here’s how you can start:

  1. Make sure that your bio captivates people’s attention

The primary apparatus while creating your new strategy must be to develop a profile based on your target audience’s preferences. Afterall, that’s the first thing your following is going to observe. So, make sure your Instagram feed reflects your brand’s values and voice.

Now, many people tend to ignore the importance of a good bio for their profile. They either do not include the bio or the bio they encircle is monotonous and formal. A bio is the first thing a potential customer will read when they visit your profile. It should reflect your brand’s nature along with a fun and quirky element. A good bio will encourage people to go through the rest of your profile.

  1. Use the IGTV feature

The use of IGTV has witnessed an 80% growth over the past year. This is a clear indication that using the IGTV will provide you with a wider reach. It has been widely speculated that this feature rolled out by Instagram will give a tough competition to YouTube and perhaps even overtake it. Research has shown that since 72% of teens use Instagram, thus one should not ignore the extraordinary power of this real-time feature to help you gauge audience. Also, creating videos for your IGTV is a great way of engaging your followers and creativity and innovation will definitely set your content apart.

  1. Use the stories feature to your advantage

According to statistics, almost 500 million people use the stories feature daily. This stat alone must be enough reason to use this feature to promote your profile. However, make sure you use this feature very wisely so that people develop an interest in your account.

You need to upload stories regularly, but that doesn’t mean you can pick any topic, your stories need to reflect your brand’s aesthetic. You can also add Stories to show certain behind the scenes activities of your business so that customers can connect with your brand on a more human level. For instance, if you are a producer, you can upload stories where you highlight some areas of your unit. This will increase views on your IG profile and will also help people feel that your brand is approachable.

  1. Make the most of Instagram Insights

The Instagram Insight feature is extremely advantageous to measure the performance of your profile. Plus, it is free for business accounts! Insight feature enables you with various parameters to analyze your profile in different aspects. This will help you gauge real-time information about the content that received the most appreciation and which failed to impress the audience. Use this data to create better content in the future.

Check the posts for everything – the captions used, the hashtags, the comments, number of likes, the editings, everything. It will help you in developing your strategy and establish a better Instagram presence.

  1. Use hashtags properly

Popular tags like #friends or #love are most likely to help your posts reach a wider audience and generate more likes but they will not help you in accomplishing your long term engagement goals. If you want to get the most out of hashtags, use hashtags that are popular in your industry, i.e. consider both relevance and popularity. Instagram allows you to use a maximum of 30 hashtags on a post so you will not have to limit your creativity while looking for relevant hashtags. You can also create your own brand hashtag and use it on all your posts. This will help set your profile apart and will also showcase the true nature of your brand to the audience.

Wrapping up!

Instagram has been the most talked-about social media platform, off late. Right from its newly launched features to its ability to make you a viral sensation overnight, Instagram has always been in the news and fortunately for all the good reasons.

Follow these tips to the T and your 2020 Instagram story will be much better than the previous years and your profile will reach new heights!

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