Corona deaths in the United States 6088, 53216 in the world

In the United States, 1,000 people killed due to coronavirus for the second consecutive day, followed by the total death toll of 6,888 while the number of sick has risen to 45,184.

In the United States, due to coronavirus 10,403 infected patients have recovered while 5,421 patients are in critical condition.

The fatal virus has killed 53,216 people worldwide while the number of infected patients has increased to 10,155,850.

Worldwide, 122,991 people have recovered from this deadly disease so far, while 37,654 patients are in critical condition.

The Mayor of New York has directed all departing homes to wear masks, which is likely to be issued by the White House throughout The United States.

The virus has also unemployed one million people in The United States.

Commander Brett Crozier has been forced to unveil the failure of authorities to prevent the outbreak of a pandemic.

Democrats postpone national convention to nominate a presidential candidates.

US President Donald Trump has also tested his coronavirus for the second time, the results also came out negative.

Meanwhile, the Israeli Health Minister has fallen prey to the Coronavirus.

Due to which, the Prime Minister of Israel, the heads of the Israeli intelligence agency and the National Security Council have also been told to go to Quarantine because these people were also in contact with the Health Minister.

So far 36 people have been killed by the Coronavirus in Israel while 6,857 cases have been reported.

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