Worldwide 785777 corona patients, 37815 deaths

The number of coronary outbreaks has spread to 785777 worldwide, the virus has killed 37815 people so far and 165607 patients have recovered so far.

The number of Coronavirus patients in the United States has doubled from China, where the total number of corona patients has increased from 1 lakh 64 thousand 253 after the increase of 20,000 patients in a single day.

Eight people died in a nursing home in New Jersey, Containers are being used to transport dead bodies in New York.

There are 565 deaths from coronavirus in the United States today, after that, the death toll in China has dropped to near 3165.

US President Donald Trump announces lifting sanctions after the recent situation calls for stricter sanctions.

On the other hand, in 5 minutes, the Corona Virus test kit was presented by an American company.

Judgment scenes have been surfaced in Spain and Italy due to the coronavirus, lockdown period has been extended in these two countries.

Total number of coronavirus patients in Italy is 101739, However, 11591 deaths have been reported.

The total number of Coronavirus patients in Spain is 87956 and the death toll is 7716.

More than 3,000 deaths have been caused by the Coronavirus in France, 1408 people have lost their lives in the UK, In Europe, even small countries are witnessing extraordinary deaths.

The Coronavirus has killed 2757 people in Iran so far while the total number of patients is 41495.

The first Coronavirus patient came out in Saudi Arabia on 1st March, so far, the total number of patients has been 1453.

The virus has killed 8 people in Saudi Arabia, and 115 have recovered while the condition of 12 patients is alarming.

A 24-hour curfew has been imposed in six areas of Mecca for an indefinite period.

611 people have become ill in the United Arab Emirates with the Coronavirus; However, the lockdown has been completed in the Alras area of ​​Dubai.

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