5 Ways a Tech Public Relations Firm Can Help With Damage Control

While the good book says a good reputation is to be treasured above silver and gold, you don’t have to be a believer to know that reputation matters. That’s especially the case when you sell goods and services to customers with other options.

A World Economic Forum study demonstrates that more than one-quarter of a company’s market value is directly tied to its reputation. So, it’s vitally important.

But you can’t wait until the unpleasantness hits the fan before taking notice and doing something about it. You must be proactive and purposeful in protecting your public image — after you’ve successfully established and nurtured it.

If your tech-focused business is in a controversial position despite your best efforts, you’ll want a public relations firm on your side to manage damage control.

Keep reading to see five ways a tech public relations firm can help with damage control.

1. Determine the Extent of the Situation

The first thing a PR firm will do is assess the extent of the damage. Launching a damage control effort before understanding what damage has been caused doesn’t make sense. What might initially seem like a big deal might be a proverbial molehill. So, something like a nasty review on Google or Yelp might not be worth a response.

However, the PR firm will act if your company faces a reputation-damaging crisis. After it assesses the extent of the problem, it will develop a strategy to address it effectively.

2. Prevent the Problem from Getting Worse

When you hire a tech PR firm to manage damage control, the service provider will prevent the problem from worsening. This might involve distributing a statement to the media, posting it on your website, or using social media to get the message across. The goal will be to acknowledge the problem, inform the public that your company is taking the matter seriously, and confirm your company’s goal to provide timely updates.

3. Determine the Expected End Result

The tech PR firm will work with you to determine the preferable outcome of the damage control strategy. If the problem stems from a mistake made by your company, this step might involve being transparent and rebuilding the public’s trust in your business.

A tech PR agency will help you take control of the narrative before and after the crisis situation. It’ll spearhead strategic planning and execution to achieve a favorable outcome, so you’ll want to find a PR firm with experience spearheading such initiatives.

4. Ensure Corporate Spokespersons Have Accurate Information

If it makes sense to allow members of your company to speak to the media, you must ensure that the designated spokespersons have the right information. They also need to know how much information to share during interviews with the media.

You don’t want multiple spokespersons to say different things, creating confusion and ultimately jeopardizing your crisis-management efforts. A tech PR agency will ensure your corporate spokespersons know the facts and present a consistent message.

5. Implement Processes and Procedures to Prevent Future Problems

If internal mistakes cause problems that jeopardize your company financially and reputationally, you need to reduce the odds of it occurring again. A tech PR agency can help your business develop processes and procedures to lessen — if not entirely eliminate — the chances of repeat damaging situations down the road.

You’ll also get help so your company knows how to respond and what to do if crisis control is needed.

No company wants to find itself on the receiving end of negative press or unfavorable attention. But if your tech firm ever needs damage control assistance, finding the right tech public relations firm can help right the ship and get back on track quickly.

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