What is Druski Net Worth? Age, Career, Income Sources

What is Druski net worth?

Are you curious about the question, what is Druski net worth? Though his assets are not publicly revealed, most reliable sources claim his net worth in 2023 is estimated to be around $1 Million. Born in 1992, this 30-year-old comedian, actor, and social media sensation initially gained fame through his hilarious skits and impersonations on platforms like Instagram and Vine. 

Druski’s income primarily stems from brand endorsements, stand-up comedy performances, and appearances in movies and TV shows. In this article, we’ll delve deeper into his career trajectory, income sources, and any updates on his net worth and age.

Who is Druski?

Many people ask Who is Druski? Drew Dawit Desbordes, popularly known as Druski, is a renowned American comedian, social media celebrity, and entertainer. He is a famous internet content creator who uploads his comedy videos and shows his skills on social media. Druski has a renowned music career and got famous from the video “Laugh Now Cry Later.” 

He uploads his funny content on social media, Instagram, and Tiktok, and millions of followers love his content. Due to his funny content, he is also known as Druski2funny. He is very popular among the youth due to his entertaining activities.

In short, Druski is a famous song rapper, comedian, Internet and social media star, and digital content creator with a bright career at such a young age.

Real nameDrew Dawit Desbordes
NicknameDruski, Druski2funny
OccupationComedian, Influencer, Digital media content creator
NationalityUnited States
Birthday12 September 2023
Age29 Years (Age in 2023)
Net worth$1 Million (Estimated)

Early life and education

Druski was born in Maryland, United States, on 12 September 1994. He spent his early years growing up in the bustling urban environment of the city. However, specific details about his family background and childhood are relatively private, as Druski tends to keep his personal life out of the public eye.

Regarding his education, there is limited information available. Druski has not publicly disclosed his educational background, and it remains a less-explored aspect of his life. It’s possible that he chose not to reveal this information to maintain a level of privacy while building his career in the entertainment industry. Consequently, his early life and educational journey remain somewhat mysterious.

How old is Druski?

Druski was born on 12 September 1994, so he is a 29 years old American comedian. He has been entertaining the music industry since 2017. His song “Dirty Money” got massive attention from music lovers. Till now, he has released various famous songs.

How tall is Druski?

Druski is a tall guy with an excellent, charming personality, brown eyes, and black hair. His height is 6 feet 2 inches or 1.88 meters, with an estimated weight of 85-90 kg or 198 lbs. 

How did Druski get famous?

Druski is a talented American comedian who became famous by posting his viral content on his social media accounts. His funny content is loved by the internet community, making him a prominent figure in the entertainment industry. Now, his videos reach millions of followers. 

Druski’s career

He has been funny since he was little, and he wanted to use these skills to make the audience laugh as he did comedy during his education. He then started his comedy career by posting videos online to entertain the audience with his skills.

He started his career in 2017 by posting comedy skits. He then started his career with artist Jack Harlow by hosting shows for Druski’s career. In his early comedy skits, he played the role of Bubba Joe to entertain the Audience. Drew also appeared in the Latto’s music video “For The Night ”. He also started posting his funny videos on social media platforms. His videos got significant outreach in a few months.

In 2020, he was featured in the video of Drake’s song “Laugh Now Cry Later.” He also appeared in Jack Harlow’s song “Churchill Downs.” In 2021, he was featured in a new series of Adidas named “Sneakin In with Druski”. In 2023, Druski started his 4lifers Entertainment company under his business. 

In 2023, Drew made first film “Debut”. In Jan 13, 2023 Druski2funny first played a cameo in “House Party”. Then in April 2023 he also played as a supporting actor in the Will Parker film “Praise This”. 

Rising Popularity and Success

Druski’s contribution to famous artists like Drake, Jack Harlow, and Lil Yachty and his comedy skills introduced him to the entertainment community. Desborde’s contribution to the music industry also greatly influenced his career. His hilarious funny videos made him very popular on social media platforms. Soon after starting his comedy career, he regularly started it by creating entertainment content on the Internet. 

Druski’s videos became famous on the Internet, and now, he is a 29-year-old guy with more than 6 million followers on Instagram. On Tiktok, he holds more than 5.6 million followers. On the YouTube channel, he has 817K Subscribers. He regularly uploads funny content to engage his audience. On Twitter, now called X, his 1.3 million followers enjoy watching his content. 

His engaging content made him a rising star, and now he is a famous online comedian influencer. People follow him to watch his fun videos on various platforms.

How does Druski make money?

So, are you curious about what does Druski do? Druski2funny is a viral comedian who turned his comedy skills into a profession. Desbordes earns a handsome income by promoting his content on Instagram, YouTube, Tiktok, etc. As he is a multi-entertainer, he holds a broad audience around the world. His primary sources of income are comedy and music. 


His multi-comedy skills make him a well-known comedian in the entertainment industry. Comedy is an art that entertains comedy lovers. People follow him on various platforms to have fun with his skills. He spreads his funny videos on the Internet. He earns money by giving live performances and attending comedy shows around the United States.


Druski’s contribution to the music industry to artists like Trippie Redd is also well-known. His appearance in the famous music videos made him go viral on the Internet. His contribution to various music brands enabled him to earn huge revenue by releasing new songs. His popular music songs are On the Low, A Night Alone with You, and Soul Food.

Other Sources of Income

As a popular figure, he holds various earning platforms, Some are.

Self-hosted YouTube channel

One contribution to Druski net worth is his YouTube channel, which holds 817K subscribers. He generates enough money by uploading his content on the YouTube channel. His videos got millions of views in just a few hours after posting the video.  

Sponsored Content

In collaboration with Druski, brands like T-Mobile, Adidas, and Pepsi promote their content to get sales. As a result, they pay a handsome amount for this to get valuable customers.

Content Creation

Druski creates content for various platforms like the music industry. He generates a significant portion of his income through content creation.

Live Shows and Club Appearance

Druski performs live comedy routines at comedy clubs, theaters, and special events. These performances often attract a paying audience, and ticket sales contribute to his income.

Partnership with Brands

Druski partners with various brands to get leads through his viral content. By making brand agreements, he earns a lot of money from partnerships.

Business Investments

As his career and net worth grow, Druski may explore business investments. This could include ventures in areas like entertainment production, merchandising, or even entrepreneurial endeavors outside of the entertainment industry. Such investments can provide additional sources of income and potential long-term financial stability.

Brand and Merchandise

A Successful comedy career helped him earn a lot of money to create his brands and merchandise. Druski net worth made him launch his band, which got huge recognition and respect from the audience. Brand launching helped Druski2funny to work both as an entertainer and an influencer. 

In 2020, Druski launched his Cloth brand named “Laugh Now Cry Later” for the first time. This brand launched streetwear products, T-shirts, hats, hoodies, etc. His brand earns considerable revenue through free promotion through his social platforms.

He also launched his merchandise to promote his business products. The inventory includes various high-quality products like T-shirts, hoodies, etc. These products have become popular among his fans, giving him substantial financial success. Using the marketing of his merchandise through his social media accounts like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok has helped him to get potential revenue.

Collaborations and Guest Appearances

Druski collaborates well with rising music artists like Jack Harlow, Lil Yachty, Teyana Taylor, and Young Miami. All these contributions with featured people increased the popularity of Druski2funny. All these collaborations increased the fans of Druski and strengthened his relationship with the music and entertainment industry. This active role also helped him make a bright future in comedy.

In September and October 2021, he made memorable guest appearances for J. Coli and 21 Savage’s The Off-Season Tour and Wild’N Out. His active participation entertained the audience, which helped Druski to solidify his role as a talented multi-entertainer comedian.

Social media platforms have a significant role in Druski2funny’s success. In 2021, he started Instagram Live to show off his comedy skills with the label Coulda Been Records, which helped him live with the fans.

Druski’s Future Earning Potential

With the increasing popularity on the Internet, there has been a significant increase in Druski net worth with the coming time. All his income potential lies in his brand. As he continues working on the brand, Druski net worth may be multiplied in the coming days.

Druski has also invested in the real estate business, which may give a potential outreach in the future. As a social media influencer, his outreach is up to a million people worldwide. His impact in the digital world would make him a future investor. His knowledgeable, confident, and multi-talented personality would help him in the future to solidify his career in the industry.

With his interactive and charming content, he could get more sponsorship and partnership deals in the future. His brand promotion will increase sales through his free-of-cost marketing on social platforms. In short, the earning potential of Druski can be high if he continues his career with hard work.


In short, Druski’s career is an inspiration for young comedians to get a lesson on how they can build their careers by polishing their favorite skills. Success needs continuous work to reach the desired goal. Druski net worth results from hard work in his profession using the Internet and social media. His viral content helped him to get millions of followers from the entertainment industry.

His potential content generated thousands of leads for brands around the world. His active participation with famous brands like T-Mobile, Pepsi, Adidas, and Nike made him a popular figure on the Internet. His originality helped him to stand before the audience with total confidence.

Druski continuously appeared with new content types to entertain his fans. Strong dedication to work enabled him to generate wealth and his brands. Furthermore, as soon as his career continues, it will be interesting to know how Druski net worth will evolve in the coming years. All this depends upon his dedication to work and engagement with his fans. 

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