What Are the Top Ranked Postgraduate Courses in London and Why?

According to the United Kingdom (UK) government statistics, graduates with a master degree are more likely to be employed than those without.

The survey says that 78% of postgraduates are considered highly skilled for employment compared with just 66% of graduates without.

Pursuing postgraduate courses in London can be a brilliant way to elevate your career in the right direction.

This article will reveal top best postgraduate courses to study in the UK along with all the relevant details you need to know about these courses.

What are the most opted postgraduate courses in UK?

Not all postgraduate courses are created equal. Some have higher employability than others. These postgraduate courses can be your stable route to a promising career.

So, here are the top 10 most employable postgraduate courses in the UK:

Master of Business Administration

Master of Business Administration (MBA) is considered as one of the sought after courses in the world. When you look for the best colleges and universities to pursue MBA, it is hard to go past UK.

UK is home to some of world class business schools. MBA graduates from reputed colleges or universities are trained well to take on managerial positions in organisations.

Masters in Management

You may wonder if a Masters in Management (MIM) is worth it in the UK. MIM can be an excellent alternative to an MBA degree.

MIM in UK offers extensive knowledge on various management topics.

If you are fresher this can be a good opportunity to set your foot in the professional world even if you don’t have any prior work experience.

Masters in Finance

In the UK, accounting and finance graduates are highly in demand. Financial services are one of the main drivers of the UK economy.

Masters in Finance can help you gain valuable knowledge about the finance sector while developing analytical skills.

Masters in Marketing

Masters in Marketing in UK can give you opportunities to learn from the best academics and industry experts.

Additionally, the UK’s reputation as a hub of marketing, advertising, and public relations can give you numerous career opportunities both locally and globally.

Master of Public Health

Looking for a career protecting and improving public health? Then a Master of Public Health can be a great option.

Public health organisations and many health initiatives by the UK government require skilled professionals with public health expertise.

If you are passionate about healthcare but want to make a broader impact, a Master of Public Health from the UK can be your perfect launchpad.

Masters in Computer Science

AI, machine learning, and programming, data analytics are gaining popularity, creating a huge demand for skilled professionals.

Tech startups and tech giants such as IBM, Microsoft, Accenture, Google, and many more are actively looking for these experts.

Masters in Computer Science in the UK can be a great pathway to this thriving, ever-evolving sector, giving you knowledge and expertise about the world of technology.

The above mentioned courses are some of the most popular choices. However, many other courses like medicine, arts, nursing, psychology, and many more are also popular in the UK for both study and employment.

In conclusion, pursuing a postgraduate course in the UK opens a world of career possibilities and may be a very high level of job satisfaction to you.

That’s not all, there are options to complete your postgraduate courses online, especially helpful if you are a working professional.

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