5 Criminal Activities In Canada And How To Deal With Them

Regardless of where you live, criminals and crimes are an unfortunate reality of society. Although Your neighborhood is a relatively safer place to live, there are still some crimes that you may have to deal with as a resident.

If you ever face criminal activity, you need to deal with it in an appropriate method. Mishandling the situation may land you a loss. If you ever face false charges for a criminal offense, hire a trustworthy criminal defense lawyer immediately from a reputed firm, for Example, Oykhman Criminal Defence Toronto.

A lawyer can guide you more successfully when in a legal situation and get you out of it.

Here are five crimes you should correctly handle when facing them


If you ever witness a homicide, the first thing you need to worry about is your safety. Do not try to save the victim if the offender is nearby, it may make you a threat, and they may try to hurt you seriously.

Call the law and enforcement agency or your general area helpline, which can guide you through this horrible incident. If you feel like you might get caught up in the incident, call a lawyer to get legal advice. Corporate with the police while they do their job.


If you get assaulted, contact the law and enforcement agency right away. If the assault is sexual, call the National Sex Offender Registry. Even if you feel afraid or overpowered by the offender, calling the authorities is your best bet to get out of it.

If you witness a sexual or physical assault done to an adult, it’s the victim’s choice to report the assault when and where they deem feasible. But if the victim is a child, call child protective services immediately. If the victim reveals the assault to you, make sure you provide emotional support and listen to them.

Motor Vehicle Theft

If you ever face a motor vehicle theft, instantly file a stolen vehicle report with the police. A police report will also help you claim insurance money if you have an insured car.

To prevent your car from getting stolen, make sure you lock your vehicle every time you leave it. Close all windows and do not leave the automobile unattended while the engine is running. It is better to install anti-theft technology in your car, so the thief cannot hotwire your car.

Robbery and Extortion

Robbery and extortion can happen in public places and your home. If someone unlawfully threatens you so that they can obtain money from you, this act is called extortion.

You must notify the relevant authorities about the robbery and extortion so that they can take necessary measures to overcome this crime and recover your losses.


The costs of destruction of property can be high. If you see anyone committing such an offense, alert the building owner or police so they can take action against the offender. Clean the vandalized property right away if it belongs to you.

If you get involved in these crimes, get a lawyer to protect your rights. You may not be able to get out of the charges, but you may be able to get relaxation in the sentence if you show remorse or have a reasonable explanation.

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