Here is why a lawyer can help you to understand the steps of criminal proceedings

If you have been accused of a criminal act, you need to hire a reputable criminal lawyer who can analyze your case, find the facts of your case, and help argue your point of view to the judge and jury in a trial. The best criminal lawyers are there for you at every step of the criminal proceedings process – let’s see every step of the court process and how your criminal lawyer can help you.

Steps of criminal proceedings

When you get started in the lengthy legal process of criminal proceedings, you may think you are way over your head. However, this can be remedied by finding a reputable lawyer from a trustworthy business, like the Spodek Law Group. Once you find a criminal defense lawyer who is reliable, knowledgeable, personable, and understanding of your case, you can begin the steps of the criminal proceedings to begin your sentencing.


Oftentimes, if you are charged with a criminal conviction, the first step is being arrested. An arrest is when the individual accused, who is you in this case, is taken into custody. If a police officer witnesses the crime, they can take you into jail on the spot. However, if the offense is called in via 911, the police may handcuff you and take you in once they survey the scene.


The second process of court proceedings is the charges brought against you by the government. The crime report can help influence the charges by including information like the crime circumstances, information about the crime itself, and statements from witnesses.


As soon as possible, after the charges are determined, you must be brought in front of a judge. In this case, your criminal lawyer can help you prepare and speak with the judge on your behalf. During the arraignment, your charges are read aloud, and you are asked to say whether you are guilty or not guilty.

Pretrial proceedings

The fourth step of the criminal proceedings is the pretrial proceedings, which involve your criminal lawyer speaking about the case, exchanging information, talking about witnesses, and understanding the other side of the crime’s point of view.


Arguably the most crucial part of the criminal proceedings process, the trial is the part where you will have your case argued before a judge and jury to determine if you are guilty or innocent of the crimes. You need a reputable attorney, like one from Spodek law group, to make sure your case is argued to the fullest extent.


This part is simple – the judge will read the evaluation of the case by the jury, determining if you are guilty or innocent after the facts of the case are presented and analyzed.


If you are found guilty, this is the part where your criminal lawyer will speak with the prosecutor to try and lessen your sentence, so you don’t have to serve jail time.


If you find that you have been falsely convicted of a crime, your criminal defense lawyer can help you develop an appeal to figure out when and if legal errors were made in the processing of your case.


Finding a criminal defense lawyer who can help you through every step of the legal proceedings process is key to preparing and winning your case. Since the legal proceedings are lengthy and time-consuming, you need to choose wisely when selecting your criminal defense team.

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