How Can a Criminal Defense Lawyer Help you Win Your Case in Knoxville

A recent report reveals that Knoxville is the 6th most dangerous city in Tennessee, with a crime index of 98.8 and a crime rate of 8.24.

Getting charged for criminal offenses can have extreme consequences that may significantly change your life forever. On conviction, you could face punishment, including jail time and hefty fines. If you face criminal charges, a skilled Knoxville criminal defense attorney can legally represent you and build a strong defense. Here are some of the several reasons you need a criminal defense lawyer to avoid a possible conviction.

Criminal Defense Lawyers Know the Law

Knoxville adheres to the Tennessee state law, and the attorneys here are well-aware of the specific codes and statutes regarding various types of crimes.

For instance, Tennessee Code Annotated (TCA) § 39-14-301 applies in criminal cases involving arson, with TCA § 39-14-302 defining rules for aggravated arson.

Whether it is federal or healthcare crime laws, the Knoxville criminal defense lawyers will evaluate your case for evidence that can work to your advantage and increase your acquittal chances.

They Understand How the Court Works

If you get arrested on criminal charges in Knoxville, your attorney will guide you through your initial court appearance for bonded arraignment. Further, they will help you during your preliminary hearing. According to whether your case is a misdemeanor or felony, your lawsuit will move to the Knoxville Sessions Court or Circuit Court.

Your criminal attorney will know the best ways to represent you during your trial and put forth reasonable arguments to the grand jury, turning the case in your favor.

They Ensure Protection from the Most Severe Penalties

An experienced lawyer can interact with the prosecution and judge on your behalf to protect you from the harshest penalties.

For instance, as per TCA § 39-13-210, second-degree murder is a Class A felony in Knoxville. In the worst case, you could receive a jail term of 15 to 60 years and monetary fines of up to $50,000.

A criminal defense attorney will ideally aim to get your case dismissed, helping you get acquitted from all charges. If not win, they will at least ensure you get the least penalty possible.

A Criminal Defense Attorney Will Save You Time

The experienced attorneys are familiar with the criminal process. They are capable of anticipating problems before they appear and initiate preemptive measures as quickly as possible.

For instance, let’s say the Knoxville police searched your property for illegal drug possession without a court warrant. They seized the drugs and arrested you on criminal charges. A diligent lawyer in Knoxville knows that possessing drugs like marijuana could land you in jail for a year. So, as a quick measure, they will first check if the police had a search warrant. If not, they skillfully prove the drugs seized inadmissible in the court, thus saving your time.

Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney Can Save You Money

Assume, while driving down I-40, you get into a fight with the other driver over a minor car accident and assault them. In such assault cases, you might have to pay fines of up to $15,000, which could cost you a fortune.

A skilled Knoxville criminal defense attorney will try negotiating with the other party for reduced compensation. If that doesn’t work, they will work on jolting down all possible arguments to represent you in the Knoxville court, reducing your punishment.

They Help You Investigate Your Case

Not all criminal cases are straightforward. For instance, in a DUI case in Knoxville, injuring another person is a Class D felony. You could face jail time of two to twelve years.

An experienced Knoxville criminal defense lawyer will investigate your case for loopholes in the prosecution’s stance to confirm who is at fault. They will analyze the injuries the other party claims to incur from the accident, and consult medical experts to build a viable defense.

They Offer Unbiased Guidance

A Knoxville criminal defense attorney will use every opportunity to assess your options and adhere to the state laws while advising you on how to proceed.

Your lawyer will evaluate your case and advise you on whether to negotiate a plea bargain or go to a trial with the confidence that you will get acquitted from all charges.

Final Thoughts

As of 2018, Knoxville was safer than a mere 4% of the US cities, with violent crimes being 110% higher than the national average. Further, criminal laws like those for DUI cases in Knoxville have become more stringent.

As per House Bill 167, you could get a penalty of 15 years jail time for a DUI offense, serving 60% of the term mandatory. Thus, hiring a criminal defense attorney is a smart move to successfully acquit you from criminal charges, or at least get you the minimum possible punishment.

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