Your Guide To Moving From A Small Town To A Big City

There are several reasons why a person might consider moving from a small town to a big city. Whether it is due to a work transfer, college location, pursuing a new dream, or just a set decision, moving without being prepared can affect you adversely. You need to understand that a big city will vary from your usual small town in more ways than one.

Like every other beneficial action, there are disadvantages associated with moving to a big city. However, this is not to distort your plans or change your mind. Instead, it is to prepare and inform you about what to expect from your relocation. Perhaps you have already concluded the moving company arrangements and packed up your boxes, but there is still the uncertainty and nervousness that comes with changing environments. Not to worry, this is a very familiar feeling, and pretty soon, you would be settled in your new big city, all traces of nervousness gone!

Here is a list of some of the things you should keep in mind before you hire California Movers;

  • Loads of opportunities

While you might be able to count the number of industries for each sector in your small town, the exact opposite would be the case in the big city. With big cities comes more resources which automatically means; larger, busier roads, several skills, a thousand business outlets, schools, companies, markets, clubs and what not, all of these about 10 times more than the ones in your small town. Automatically, this means more employment opportunities for the residents of the city. So if you are searching for bigger opportunities, then get those bags loaded already, I assure you, you will be in for a ride!

  • You will be as inconspicuous as ever (especially the first few weeks)

With thousands of people everywhere at all times, you can put aside the worry about being disturbed. You can be assured a perfect dose of peace. The thing about a big city is that there are so many people, but everybody is wrapped in their world of personal pursuits. Without close friends or family around, you can get quite lonely, especially during the initial duration of your stay. Not to worry, pretty soon, when you finally find your footing and get wrapped up in your world, you should find yourself good company.

  • High cost of living

Your basic amenities, tax, rent, utility bills and transportation will cost you way more than your small town. Of course, to whom much is given, much is expected, so if they’re providing numerous opportunities for you, then they expect you to afford the luxury lifestyle present there. Also, with the glitz and glam everywhere you turn, you might get sucked into the habit of frequent shopping, which will certainly take a bite from your pockets.

  • Varieties

The number of pubs, banks, schools, churches, companies, and restaurants present in the big cities are too much. Where you would be struggling to get the best reservation at the only 5-star restaurant in your small town, there are about 20 more in your big city, so there is certainly no need to rush. The varieties help you make more suitable choices instead of settling for what you can find.

  • Traffic!

Ready, set, wait! Where is everyone going! Well, where are you going? Of course, with different people going to different places through the same routes and at the same time, there is bound to be heavy congestion on the road within a short time. If you have an issue with patience, then you might want to settle it before you move. In much busier cities, do not be surprised when you run into traffic at funny hours. According to several San Francisco moving companies, traffic has been noticed to be much higher in larger cities.

  • Cultural diversity

People with various backgrounds find themselves in the same city. Be prepared to meet different religions, values, ethnicities, opinions, thoughts, ideologies, and beliefs. You might as well get familiar with it and respect your own beliefs.

  • Privacy

Everyone is too knee-deep in their own business to start concerning themselves with yours. You can expect to find more privacy in a big city. Where a nice grandma would usually approach you to express concern over your gloomy look, or frown at your PDA in your small town, they would merely walk past you, barely noticing anything unusual in big cities. Do not take it personally, once you get settled and find friends, you will be fine.

  • Health concerns

A lot of people complain about poor water and air quality in big cities. The pollution rate is very high, and it could easily trigger allergies in people. Your respiratory systems and digestive systems may also suffer from this, but it is nothing to fret about – genuinely. Just get a good medical care center, take preventive measures, and all will be fine.

  • Safety concerns

Generally, the crime rates in big cities are more than the ones in small towns. It is easy to miss someone due to the huge crowd, and this presents opportunities for kidnappers, murderers, drug traffickers and other crime indulgers to operate. It would help if you took extra safety precautions within and outside your home.

  • More meetings, more connections

The person who sat across you during lunch just might be the governor’s daughter. With a large population, there are more chances for connections. Wherever you find yourself, there might be someone who knows someone who knows you. This is both a pro and a con, so it is advisable to comport yourself in public, and also be nice to strangers. The connection you need for the expansion of your business can be found anywhere.


Just like there are pros and cons of staying in your small town, there are also pros and cons of moving to a big city. It would help if you made a decision based on your priorities. Along with the stress, anxiety, loneliness, societal pressure and risks associated with big cities, comes connections, opportunities, expanded horizons, better communication, luxury lifestyle, friendship and a truckload of positive things.

It is wise to research the particular city to familiarize yourself with their ethics and culture before you make a move. All in all, it is an experience worth getting. Do ensure you have fun while moving.

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