What are the steps to be taken after a road accident?

Statistics reveal that there are more than 260 million vehicles in U.S., that turn roads and highways in the country into busiest ones in the world. However, so many vehicles on the road also increase the number of road accidents and traffic incidents that occur in our country.

In U.S., every year millions of crashes take place, resulting in considerable property damage, fatalities, and injuries to travelers. Thus, as a driver it is important for you to know the steps that you need to take in case you get involved in a road accident. It is also necessary to correctly decide whether to handle the situation on your own or appoint an experienced car accident lawyer to represent you in the lawsuit.

Let us now look at different steps you need to take if you get involved in a road accident.

Eight Steps to Take Immediately After a Road Accident

Step #1: Stop Your Car

You need to stop the car as soon as possible and when it is safe to do so. If you are not able to stop immediately due to present situation, then do so when the condition becomes conducive. Laws in some states make it necessary for cars to remain at the same location after the collision, while in other states drivers need to take their car off the roadway.

As such, you need to consult your Tacoma injury lawyer to know the prevalent laws in your state and work accordingly. In addition, you should switch off the ignition and make sure there are not gas leaks that have happened. Lastly, ensure that you and other people involved in the accident are not coming in the way of flowing traffic.

Step #2: Look Out for Injuries

Examine whether you and others in the car have suffered any injuries. If you notice that one of the passengers is seriously injured then do not attempt to move the person, instead call for medical help.

Step #3: Contact the Authorities

Right after the accident you should get in touch with police and inform them about the accident. In addition, if someone has been injured and requires immediate emergency attention then also contact medical service providers.

Step #4: Share and Get Details

You need to get in touch with other car’s driver to get all required details like person’s name, address, contact number, license number, etc. In addition, ask about other driver’s insurance, such as policy number, insurance company, and the agent. Moreover, you should note down other details like model, make, license number, and year of the car. If other people are present in the car, note down names of those people.

Step #5: Statement from Witnesses

If there are people who have witnessed the accident then request them to write down the details of what they have seen and also their contact numbers and names. In case they have to leave, then request them to sign the statement they have provided.

Step #6: Perform Documentation of the Scene

Another important thing you need to do after the accident is to take photographs at the scene of the accident. Take photographs of both the cars, location where accident took place, and the skid marks, if such marks are present.

You also note down few other things such as, lane and direction both the cars were on, weather conditions at that time, date, and time of the accident. If someone was injured, take photographs of those people as well.

Step #7: Call and Inform Your Company

In case it is a company owned car then you should call your company and inform them about the accident. Confirm whether you can take the car or it needs to be towed.

Step #8: Discuss the Details with Police

As soon as the police arrives, inform them about what has happened and share your insurance details as well as driver’s license. The witnesses present at the scene should also provide their statement to police.

On your part, you should keep a record of police officer’s badge number, his or her name, and the unit the police officer is part of. Later on, you may have to share these details with your car accident lawyer and the details will also help you get police report copy when it is ready.

After all the above mentioned steps have been completed and police gives you a go ahead, you will be able to leave the accident site. In case the car is in bad condition and would need towing then you will have to get in touch with a towing company for the same. Afterwards, you will have to contact your insurance company and tell them what happened.

If it was the fault of the other driver then you will have to get in touch with other driver’s insurance company as well. You will also have to take assistance of an experienced Seattle injury lawyer to help you with filing of your claim and to properly represent you in the case. The law firm will also take necessary steps to make sure you get the maximum compensation for the accident.

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