Preventing Car Accidents: Tips for Safe Driving and Road Awareness

No matter where you need to go, safe driving and road awareness can help prevent car accidents. There isn’t a driver anywhere who hasn’t become preoccupied while commuting to work, driving the kids to school, or while on a road trip.

To avoid car accidents, it’s best to follow these safe driving tips.

Stay Focused On the Road All-Around

Technology has been a tremendous help by providing GPS to replace paper maps to help you find your way. However, it can also be a huge distraction. In fact, the biggest cause of car crashes is distracted driving.

While behind the wheel, you must watch the road ahead as well as the traffic moving around you. By paying close attention to the road signs and traffic signals and following the speed limit, you will be ready to maneuver if needed to prevent an accident.

Engage in Defensive Driving Techniques

Controlling other drivers is impossible. You can only control your own actions, but watching for the unexpected from other vehicles on the road will keep you prepared. Drive defensively to protect yourself and others.

Never Fumble Around for Items You Need

If there’s something you need while you’re driving, keep it within your reach. Don’t ever try to pick something up off the floor or reach into the backseat. For items that are important, make sure you are clear to pull off the road to safely pick them up. Thankfully, many toll roads now use electronic transponders, but some have not fully eliminated cash-based booths. Consider switching to a transponder or keep your change handy in your cup holder to prevent accidents when trying to travel through tolls.

Maintain Your Vehicle

Having your vehicle maintained may not be the way you want to spend your free time or money, but it’s a necessity. Not only can it prevent larger, more expensive repairs, but it can also prevent major mechanical failures that can lead to accidents, such as failing breaks.

Be Aware of the Steps to Take If You Are Involved in an Accident

Even with your best efforts, it may not always be possible to avoid an auto accident. The steps you take in the moments after are critical, and not every driver is aware of what they should do.

Calling the police to report the accident and any injuries is the first step, followed by getting medical treatment. You may not even realize that you have an injury in some cases, which is why it’s important to seek prompt medical attention.

Taking photos and videos of the aftermath can provide the evidence you need to support your claim. In California, the fault-based insurance system means that the driver who caused the accident will be liable for your injuries and property damage.

If your crash involved multiple vehicles or resulted in serious injuries, you should contact an attorney to help you with the legal process. This will have the added benefit of allowing you to heal from your injuries while you have someone to stand up for your legal rights. 

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