Traffic Violations Can Cause Your License to Be Suspended

Usually, you will not face license suspension if you receive a ticket for rolling through a stop sign or speeding. However, if you get too many moving violations or you’re convicted of a more severe driving-associated offense, license suspension is certainly a possibility. Below you will find a discussion about common reasons for a suspended driver’s license, the process your state may follow to take your driver’s license away, as well as what to do to fight a suspended driver’s license.

License Suspension for Several Moving Violations

For small traffic violations such as running a stop sign, speeding, texting while driving, or running a red light, license suspension usually won’t be one of the potential consequences of a conviction. However, if you rack up too many tickets in a brief period, you will risk temporarily losing your driver’s privileges.

Obtaining a Hardship License

Depending upon your suspension’s circumstances, you may have the ability to get a “hardship” license to travel to and from specific places during the suspension. Usually, a hardship license will come with limitations that restrict when and where an individual is permitted to drive. For DWI/DUI offenders, having an IID (ignition interlock device) installed may be required for getting a hardship license.

What Can Driver License Lawyers Do to Help You Get Your License Back?

Consulting driver license lawyers who assist with getting licenses back is the best method of dealing with a license revocation for you to legally get back behind the wheel at the earliest possible time. There are several reasons why a license might’ve been suspended or revoked. You don’t have to assume that a revocation is the last word, visit site to reach out to the best driver license lawyers.

Keep in mind that all of the details regarding the time you were pulled over and then talk to a traffic lawyer. Driver license lawyers are going to have the ability to argue your case based upon whether the traffic stop was justified, as well as within legal limitations, and also if all of the required procedures were followed after your car got pulled over. If anything was done incorrectly, driver license lawyers may be able to get your driver’s license back.

On the flip side, if the revocation or suspension was through a fault of your own, there are specific deadline-based criteria that you’ll have to meet depending upon the reason for your license suspension. You or your driver license lawyers are going to have to attend court hearings, file paperwork, as well as file petitions that reinstate your driver’s license. Those are all critical steps.

These criteria and laws change with every state in the country and only a skilled traffic lawyer will have the ability to see you through this process and make sure that your driver’s license doesn’t face cancellation. Unlike a suspension or revocation, cancellation is usually permanent. There are statutes of limitations that must also be kept in mind.

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