How Often Should I Purchase New Masks During COVID-19?

The requirement to always wear a mask has led to the invention of different mask types and designs. Besides, the availability of reusable masks has made it hard for users to determine when they should purchase a new one for ultimate protection from the novel Covid-19.

Therefore, it’s essential to understand the signs that you need to buy a new mask. Besides, most of the masks you wear do not come with a warning. Find insights below on how often you should purchase a new mask.

Condition of the Straps

The ear loops play an important role in holding the mask tight to your face and prevent air leakages into your mouth and nose. Therefore, the elastic loops should be the first indicators of wear.

In most cases, the straps become loose when exposed to heat and dryers. In this case, you should check whether the loose-fitting leaves spaces that could leak pathogens. If there are such spaces, know that you put yourself and others at risk of Covid-19.

The Mask’s Condition

Any signs of wear and tear on the mask indicate that you need to buy online a new one during pandemic. If your mask has threads, holes, and tears, there are high chances that pathogens could penetrate through the mask and render it ineffective.

Besides, if your mask has accumulated notable dust or other particles, you should reach a new one to maintain hygiene. Stains on the mask also mean that you should buy a new one. The stains could be caused by makeup or coffee spills, while others could be signs of wear.

The Mask’s Fabric

Mask materials wear with time depending on the number of times you are washing and reusing them. Soft fabric will provide a weaker barrier. Therefore, you should check the fabric of the mask you buy to ensure its standard and offer the required protection against Covid-19.

It is determined by looking and feeling the fabric. For instance, you could try blowing out a candle when wearing your mask. If you successfully blow out the candle, it shows that you need to replace the mask.

You may have to make multiple purchases if you are using surgical masks, as most are disposable. However, the kn95 masks have a stronger fabric that allows reuse under careful maintenance.

Besides, the kn95 masks offer at least 95% protection from pathogens meaning that you can reuse them for a more extended period depending on the maintenance, availability, and exposure.

Where Do I Find Kn95 Masks For Sale?

The Kn95 have been in short supply and prompted the CDC to reserve them for medical frontline workers. However, the high production has made it easier to find these masks in your nearest convenience store or through popular online platforms.

Buying or not buying a new mask is solely your decision. You only need to ensure that you are protected and that the mask you are wearing is hygienic and effective. Find different types of masks that will protect you for a long time without regular replacements.

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