Know About Travel Advisories By Cathay Pacific

Are you thinking about travelling places soon after getting fully vaccinated? You might already know the rules quite well, but the set of Cathay Pacific Travel Advisories will allow you know and travel hassle-free while aboding certain rules and safety regulations.

For all passengers who are unwell, have to follow the guidelines below:

  • Having symptoms like fever, cough, muscle aches or sore throat, you would be restrained from flying.
  • In case you have come in touch with a person who is COVID negative and maybe 14 days of from the date of flying, you will be restrained.
  • In case you test positive for COVID in the rapid test, you will have to restrain from flying.

For passengers who have been suffering from COVID has to produce a document saying that they are negative and won’t be contagious for those who are co-passengers.

Health declarations that are compulsory: For any passenger travelling, a health declaration is a compulsory affair. Upon reaching any airport, a traveler has to fill in the health declaration form and that will be submitted some time before departure from a particular destination. Learn more about Travel Advisories of Airlines at

Requirements for face coverings: Face coverings are a mandatory in case you are flying and safeguarding passengers who are some year’s junior to you. You must be wearing a face covering a times when you are present at the following places:

  • In time of check-in
  • When you are in lounges
  • While you are boarding
  • In case you are in the aircraft cabin
  • When you are disembarking   and
  • If you are directed by the airport tem and crew members in special cases.

You must abide certain rules in certain cases while you are present in cases, especially:

  • Inflight: You must wear your face covering or face shields all the time. You can remove only when you are eating or maybe asking for oxygen masks at special times.
  • At the airport: Government has made wearing face masks a compulsory affair. During times when you are collecting bags from the terminals, it’s a mandatory thing. While you are at the airport terminal, a mask wearing is a compulsory affair.
  • Bringing your own safety gazettes: Bringing you own face shield is a big responsibility. In fact, your face cover should be protecting your mouth, nose and elsewhere without a single gap. Masks having exhalation valves are not recommended since they are not fully effective.
  • Abide some prohibited items: Passengers are advised to wear any air purifying shields since the product contains a rechargeable lithium battery and possess the risk of blocking oxygen masks.

In fact, modern airlines have formulated certain touch free methods like contactless checking and also boarding. The special methods adopted are:

  • Online checking method and facilities of self service.
  • Screens that monitor physical distancing.
  • Health declarations are mandatory while you check in.
  • Biometric gates are present during boarding.
  • Digital passes are on trial that allow securely and validate all customers with COVID 19 test records.

Get updated regarding the rules governing temporary lounge closures, and the airport security measures. There might be some temporary change to the check in counters as well as temporary suspension.

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