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Courses in health acre span to a wide variety of topics and serve different purposes for different students. Some provide additional information and knowledge to those already working in health care. Others provide first time training to bridge the gap between academics. Health care courses have numerous ways of delivery, like full-time or part-time studies, online, on-campus, or distance learning. Whatever the reason, taking MPH online no gre gives the interested ones necessary theoretical and practical skills. Flexible training is available in the morning, evening, or weekend courses. Healthcare spans over a wide variety of subjects like nursing, nutrition, pharmacy, dentistry and many others. The number of options may be overwhelming, but make your choice according to your needs and desires.

An online degree course teaches you the theories and principles of healthcare and may offer to learn those skills in a practical environment. Participating in hands-on practice becomes essential in health care study. Therefore, an online course gives you a chance for personal education or pursuing a degree.

Here we have listed some of the best health care courses you can study online.

Empowerment in CBR: Community Based Inclusive Development

The purpose of this course is community-based rehabilitation (CBR) to find practitioners find the answer to the query: What does empowerment mean to CBR? Everybody experiences empowerment differently, but the values it possesses remains universal. The course design is self-directed for anyone interested in CBR or empowerment. The practitioners, after the course, will better empower themselves and their communities.

This course has three parts in which two parts rely on perspectives on CBR, i.e., meaning and modeling. The third part is the shift in focus on how the student perceives the context of CBR and empowerment. In the end, participants share their experiences and observe the broader meaning of empowerment.

The course has three modules and an average length of 25 minutes for each module. The total course time is 1-2 hours, with the issuance of a certificate at the end.

Investigation & Response to Food Safety Incidents and Emergencies

Every year millions of people become ill or die from consuming unsafe food. About 30% of those people are children under the age of 5 years. Every country experiences food safety incidents, and emergencies even developed ones. The risks involved in food safety emergencies can only reduce not eliminated. Therefore, countries need preparations to handle such food emergencies and investigate when needed. It includes a productive food system and the ability to conduct rapid responses and risk assessment. The course will provide the basics of investigation and response to food-related emergencies. The course aims to provide skills that enable the participant to a local food-related disease outbreak. The course consists of a total of ten modules with an average time of 45 minutes for each module. The overall course time is 4-5 hours and issuance of completion certificate at the end.

Programmatic Approaches of AYSRH

This course centered on adolescence and youth sexual and reproductive health give you training on how to educate them. Young people and adolescents serve as a diverse group that has varying needs according to their age and context. This course aims at the facilitation of the transition of young ones into adulthood and meeting their needs. The most significant part, of course, is the development of their talents and capabilities. The course targets what these programs are and how to implement them. The course focuses on effective youth programming and tailoring programs for initiatives. This course is under license from the Global Health eLearning Centre and modified according to the trends happening. This course also states how to use the resources to monitor and evaluate the programs. The total modules for this course are 6, with an average module length of 45 minutes per module. The overall course time is 3-4 hours and issuance of a certificate upon completion.

 HIV Service Integration and Family Planning

Selected studies of HIV-infected women indicate that there is a high level of unintentional pregnancies. The number comes in between 51% to 91%. In low and developing countries, less than 30% of women have access to therapy. This antiretroviral therapy enables them to prevent transmission of disease to their babies. The practitioners of this course have the opportunity to educate HIV women about prevention options. The key features of this course are to identify the modifications that need introduction throughout the health system regarding HIV prevention. Discussion and articulation of the benefits of family planning and their integrations. Finally, understanding how to help clients with HIV and helping them make informed reproductive health decisions. The course spans six modules with an average length of 40 minutes for each. The total course time is 3-4 hours and issuance of a certificate at the end.

Infection Prevention & Control

This course of infection prevention and control offers hands-on training to practitioners regarding infection control in the health care setting. This course gives an overview of hospital-acquired infections and precautions to reduce infection transmissions. The course aims to identify the cause of infections and to limit its further outreach. This course utilizes different techniques for prevention and controlling aspects. The course has three modules with an average length of 45 minutes for each module. The total course time is 2-3 hours and issuance of a certificate at the end.


The courses mentioned above are some of the most convenient ones that you can enroll. There are many other courses available depending upon your area of interest. Make your choice depending upon the course timing and your availability to make sure you get the best information.

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