Frozen Food Packaging Companies Focus on Safety & Environment

If you are looking for the best packaging for your products, you likely have a pretty long list of desirable traits. You want the packaging to be affordable to help with the bottom line. You want the packaging to look nice so it will attract the eye of potential customers. Versatility is important, too, as this lets you manage orders more easily and gives you some leeway on inventory management. Of course, the packaging must keep all items fresh and safe for customers. Child proof packaging is an excellent option to have. Any way you can reduce your company’s impact on the environment is always a good thing. Does this sound too good to be true? Impossible to achieve all of your goals? Maybe not. Welcome to flexible packaging and the power of digital technology.

Better for the Environment

Smart, flexible packaging is gentler on the planet due to a series of innovations. The speed and versatility of a digital platform reduces waste for both packaging and product. In the food industry and elsewhere, waste is a big driver for greenhouse gasses. Reduce waste and you cut down on energy output. This is achieved in a variety of ways:

  • Minimize package obsolescence
  • Enable print on demand
  • Allow for right-size packaging
  • Reduce transport costs and energy usage with lighter packaging
  • Extend product shelf life

These features all add up to lower energy usage and truly sustainable flexible packaging options. Carbon-neutral printers offer additional environmental benefits over conventional printing methods. The choice of the right materials for packaging also allows for the packaging to be recycled or composted, reducing the burden on landfills. This includes such tricky materials as inks, adhesives and plastic films. Also, the switch from solvent-based inks to those that are polymer based emits lower air pollutants and lowers energy usage throughout the printing process. Other environmental advantages of the highly-advanced digital printing process includes the following: the elimination of costly and energy-intensive set-up plates and cylinders, the option of print on demand and the use of sustainable films.

Ideal for Many Products

The rapidly evolving digital revolution is suitable for a variety of products. In the realm of safety, medicines and other potentially dangerous items such as cosmetics can be packaged in ways that make it difficult for children to access. Custom frozen food packaging keeps the food fresh and desirable for a longer shelf life. Advanced barriers and films protect the edible items from freezer burn due to dehydration and oxidation. They also offer convenience that the customer loves as well as eye-catching graphics that attract both new and old customers. Quality tear seals and resealable packaging also appeals to customers and reduces food waste.

Other products can take advantage of the benefits of flexible packaging. Jerky, snack foods, coffee and tea, lawn and garden, pet food, cheese and dairy and bakery products all can benefit from smart packaging and printing technologies. Digital printing allows for added flexibility and versatility throughout the entire process and offers convenience for both the company and the customer. The brightness of the packaging allows for increased brand awareness as well.

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