What is QR Code Packaging and How Does It Work?

A QR or quick response code is a static two-dimensional image and is similar to a barcode. However, a QR code can transmit a vast amount of information, from websites to videos. The beauty of this coding system is that the average smartphone user can access the information once scanned, making QR-code packaging the next evolution in the marketing food chain. By embracing this technology brands can connect with consumers and provide more information than ever before.

How Brands are achieving customer success with Qr Code packaging

Several popular brands, like Pepsi and Coca-Cola, have been using QR-codes for years to connect with consumers or encourage participation in marketing campaigns, and by in large, it has worked tremendously well. The wonderful thing is that when it comes to sustainable pouch packaging or printed mylar bags — really any packaging — the cost of adding a QR-code is negligible, making this marketing strategy one of the most affordable approaches to advertising since content creation and blogging.

3 Reasons you should utilize QR code packaging 

Many businesses struggle to incorporate new advertising tools or tactics, choosing instead to remain static. While your current marketing methods might be sustainable and profitable, there is no harm in adding another layer to your approach. Advertising is often most effective when it is multifaceted, allowing campaigns to reach a range of consumers. With the expansion of the digital marketplace, more and more consumers are spending their time and money online. The internet is an environment they understand, and if that isn’t enough reason to embrace QR-codes, connecting the real world with the digital one, then consider the following three reasons.

1. Ease of Use 

A QR-code is easy to use and extremely challenging to mess up. All a customer has to do is snap a picture or download a free QR reader on their phone. When the device sees the image, it will automatically read the embedded information and perform the desired action, showing your potential customer whatever you wanted to show them.

2. More Informative

Packaging has a finite amount of space, meaning that you cannot always put all the information you want on the package. A QR-code will allow you to provide more detailed information through a website, video, or form. The code system allows for more complex information, but remember that the more information you want it to relay, the bigger it has to be.

3. Actionable

The greatest advantage to using a QR-code on your packaging is it supplies consumers with something actionable. The QR represents a sort of call to action, and today’s consumers understand that. They will feel compelled to follow the link in the code and perform whatever action. For example, you can send customers to a sign-up form or an informational piece about the product.

QR codes are interesting tools, and they allow businesses to include so much more information on packaging than ever before. If you are interested in using a QR-code on your products, contact your packaging supplier for more information.

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