Does Forwarded Mail Go To The Old Address First?

Does forwarded mail go to the old address first? This is a very common question that could come to anyone’s mind when they change their address. So, we will discuss the answer to this question in this article.

When you edit your address request to USPS, they update your old address with a new one. The mail would go to the old address first, then it would take 7 to 10 days to arrive at the new one. So, you should consider these issues while planning to change your address. 

You should also specify whether you are changing your address temporarily or permanently. There are some methods used for mail forwarding which contain useful functions. These services contain the best opportunity for businesses that want to move shortly and would be an attractive way of receiving mail without hassle.

What is Mail Forwarding?

The operation of resending a previously delivered to another email address is called mail forwarding. The post offices of different countries contain a facility of mail forwarding service. You can call it a virtual post office. If your package and letter are sent to your old address, this service will help send them to your new or current ones. This service is very useful for those who want to change their address.

Different Ways of Mail Forwarding Service

Users can choose three choices for mail forwarding, which can be best for them if they want to change their address.

  • Change your address temporarily
  • Home version of the premium forwarding service
  • Change one address permanently

Changing your address temporarily

In the temporary service, your mail would be forwarded to new addresses for a specific period and will again be sent to old ones. On temporary service, you would receive your mail in the shape of pieces at a specific time. With this service, the USPS would not forward your mail through packaging service.

Change one address permanently.

It is another way for the mail forwarding service. In this method, the mail sent to your old address would only be forwarded to the new one for up to a year. The US postal service considers that you have changed your address and all services at that time.

Home version of the premium forwarding service

You must pay extra charges for this service because it would give you extra. After subscription to the premium forwarding service, you can receive mail on your door weekly. You can enhance the duration of service for more than 12 months to pay extra charges.

Additional options to Forward Mails.

There are three other options for Forwarding Mail, which can be beneficial for enhancing our knowledge about this feature and functions.

Individually Forward

This service is based on an individual. In this service, you can forward mails individually and send them to a group of people. Thus, you are limited to one recipient of this offer.

Family Forward

In this service, you can forward mail with your surname to the whole family. It will be forwarded to every family member based on their surname. This is the best service for families.

Business Forward 

This is the best option for a business that is being located in a new location. In this service, all the mail sent to the old address can be forwarded to the new one. Most of the companies used this method to make them comfortable. They can easily receive mail without facing any hassle.

Where does forwarded mail go first?

If the mail contains your old address. The system will put a new address on it. But sometimes, the system does not capture it. Thus, mail would be sent to the old address. USPS offers a free mail forwarding service that expires after one year. After that, mail with the latest address is returned to the sender.

Why does forwarded mail go to the old address first?

The USPS provided a facility to recover misdirected mail and send it to your new address. When USPS sends mail to your new one, it also considers your old address. The previous address will also be mentioned in your forwarded mail if you have edited your location with the post office. 

Firstly, your mail would be sent to your old address and then forwarded to your new address. The United States Postal Service allows you to forward your mail for six months. You can also enhance this time according to your needs.

How to keep mail forwarded for longer than one year

If you choose an ongoing address shift, mail forwarding can continue for up to 1 year. After that, no extra time is allowed. The customers of USPS who are receiving mail with high volume can be allowed for this special offer. USPS allowed them to receive this service by enhancing their time limit.


Mail forwarding is one of the best United States Postal Service offers. Suppose you change your address for mailing service. This service will help you engage with your different old recipients. In this service, any mail sent to your old address will be forwarded to the new one. USPS can avail of this service for six months. You can enhance this tenure in the premium package. 

This package gives you more time to get mail from different senders. In this article, I have also discussed the different ways used for mail forwarding, which should be in your mind while changing your address. 

I have also explained some additional options used for mail forwarding: individual, Family, and business. These options are very useful for those businesses which want to change their address.

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