10 Reasons Why You Should Create Podcast Show Notes

With so many products available in the market, every consumer has their allegiance pledged to one thing or the other. Be it something tangible or intangible, people have opinions about anything and everything. It doesn’t matter if it’s a beauty product, something you are wearing, the kind of music that you are listening or the services that you have subscribed to. They leave no stone unturned when it comes to constructive or vague criticism.

In this rapidly progressing age, eager to learn, the population indulges themselves in listening and watching anything that resonates with them. It can be the interview of their favorite celebrity, a bunch of people talking about their daily life obstacles, or an introvert gamer holding a mic to his face. If it is anything relatable, it has a market value and deserves to be exhibited.

Those who have come around this fact have taken up the initiative to produce audio and video podcasts to connect with people of common interests. These podcasts cover a wide range of topics and are listened to and watched by millions of users around the globe. But because they became so trendy so quickly and there’s so much content out there. It has become less likely for one to grab attention just randomly.

To maintain standards and keep the listeners tuned, people started adding podcast show notes. The prevalent results of this have encouraged platforms to emerge that assist in making these notes. There are show notes software and websites that can transcribe these notes for you with minimal to no effort. All you have to do is upload your podcast and ET voila! One fine serving of auto-transcribed podcast show notes is at your disposal.

However, not every user has turned to this option yet. Well to help you decide better, here are ten reasons why you should create podcast show notes:

  1. Improve quality content

Let’s face it, watching videos is a time-consuming task that you are not always motivated to do. Especially when your aim is to find out your own flaws and improve on the quality of content that you produce. Show notes not only help your audiences to know what you are talking about but serve you in the same way as well.

They save you valuable time, let’s you keep track of something important or exciting that you discussed once and enables you to assess how good you are doing as a podcaster. On top of it, your listeners can choose to comment on sections that spiked their interest. This way, you will always know which aspects of your podcast has the most potential to attract more audience.

  1. A Point to Continue

Podcasts that are absolutely impromptu and start making their way up from ground zero with any guest or alone every time are prone to monotony and a gradual decline. Having the show notes from your previous shows to refer helps you to come up with a better idea and encourage you to try something new once in a while.

Also, this can help you develop a format outline for your podcast that you can stick to while having guests or performing solo. As a result of it, you can move on to having a loyalty relationship with your listeners who will keep coming back for more.

  1. Elevates Podcast Value

Not everything suits every listener’s taste, but if there’s no way to know what you will talk about in your podcast, they don’t have much of an option besides a yes or no. And if there are more cases where your listeners are disappointed, then you can easily risk losing them.

  1. Signature Traits/ Symbols

We know that brands and symbols take precedence when it comes to buying quality content. Including show notes of your podcasts might help you notice something unusual that you do in every performance and spin it off as your own. It will help you stand out even more and make your listeners market you unconsciously.

  1. SEO

SEO (search engine optimization) helps you find content relevant to your query. Since audio and video podcasts without show notes and descriptions can’t be indexed, it leaves your content at a disadvantage when up against indexed content. In order to counter this and make your podcast spring up with every relevant query, it best to entertain the idea of including show notes.

  1. Easier to Produce

Greater the details you add to your content, the likelier your content becomes to show at better search rankings. It becomes difficult when you are doing it from scratch, but taking show notes while doing a podcast makes it easier for you to sketch a draft and then work your way up from there. It can potentially increase the quality of your writings, making it more relevant to your content.

  1. Variety of Formats

Another strong reason for anyone to consider writing show notes is simply that everyone doesn’t prefer listening or watching long podcasts. Also, even if people are listening to your show, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they caught onto everything.

  1. Expand your Email List

Publishing show notes makes your audience review your work at their leisure. Any podcaster can use this to their advantage by making the show notes available as a content upgrade for his or her listeners. This not only expands your email list but offers something extra for your listeners to come back to again and again.

  1. Leaving Breadcrumbs to Follow

After spending some time working and making a name for yourself, your work can be used as a guideline for a lot of young podcasters who are planning to start producing some content. It can only be possible if the recipe of your work is available to people in the form of show notes. It not only puts you in a position of authority in your line of work but also brings people to you by just getting to know about you from other podcasters.

It is two birds with one stone situation as you can maintain your strong position alongside helping newcomers to grow.

  1. Write a Book

It may seem like a long way from when you are just starting but, you can go on to writing your own book using the subject that your podcast revolves around and your show notes. Not only will this be easier since you already have an outline, but also, you have your consumer prepared to buy it right off the shelves.

In Summary

There are a lot of content libraries available for everyone to tune to, but what really stands out is the extra mile you take to satisfy your listeners. It appears as though adding show notes is equally beneficial for the listener as well as the performer. And, it cements your position in the long run, making it worthy of more consideration.

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