How to Make Your Music Go Viral on SoundCloud?

SoundCloud is quickly becoming the go-to app for sharing and discovering new music, with more than 175 million active users each month. It has become a music community where musicians who have a SoundCloud account can publish their own tracks and playlists, stream popular music from other content creators, and listen to the latest releases.

Music creators want nothing more than to get their songs onto SoundCloud and gain an audience that will listen to their tracks, share them on social media, and even buy them if they can afford them. Since it has become a popular platform for independent artists to create and share their music, it’s crucial for them to make their music go hit a huge fanbase. Here you can learn the nine effective ways to Make Your Music Go Viral on SoundCloud.

9 Effective Ways to Make your Music Go Viral on SoundCloud

SoundCloud is a community of creators and musicians. The platform has been a vital tool for independent artists to share their music, connect with listeners, and get discovered. There are many ways to make your music go viral on SoundCloud, but here are nine proven tips that will help you increase your popularity on SoundCloud.

SoundCloud has become one of the most visited websites in the world, with more than 175 million active users each month.

1) Create a Stunning SoundCloud Page

A lot of people underestimate the power of a well-designed SoundCloud page. A catchy username is your first step to success. The custom URL and memorable avatar will help you stand out from the rest of the crowd. And finally, a stunning header will send your followers to a page that matches their expectations.

2) Make an Incredible Music

Incredible Music

You’ll want to make sure that the sound quality is impeccable. Take your time on this step, and make sure it’s done right before proceeding. You also don’t need to include an intro or outro – that’s not what makes your music go viral on SoundCloud. All you need is an exceptional track with trending lyrics and lots of people to share it with. Exceptional music is way more likely to be shared and go viral on social media because people want to share the best of what they find with their friends and followers. Don’t just put out mediocre music for the sake of putting it out there- instead, make sure you’re putting your best foot forward in your music creation.

3) Release Songs that are between 3-5 minutes Long

SoundCloud is a social media platform that allows you to post your music and share it with others. There are many ways to make your music go viral, but one of the most important things is to release songs that are between 3-5 minutes long. This will allow listeners to hear the song in its entirety and get hooked on it. Songs that are too short will usually not be listened to by listeners, and songs that are too long will bore them. So finding the perfect length is key.

4) By Tagging Your Music

The easiest way to get your music seen by new people is by tagging your music. Tagging your tracks with popular tags will allow people who are into those genres to find your music. For example, if you’re a Hip Hop artist and you tag the track as Hip Hop, it will automatically show up on all the people’s playlists who have that tag in their profile. Tagging your music can help new people find your music. Plus, if you start getting popular and people are searching for your music on SoundCloud, the tags will help them find it! Other great tags include Reggae, Hip Hop, and Rap. Some of these genres may not be as popular as EDM, but don’t worry about that- just focus on what you enjoy listening to.

5) Create an Interesting Podcast Topic

Podcasts are an excellent way to get your music in front of a lot of people. Not only can you share your music, but you can also create a podcast episode with a topic that interests listeners on SoundCloud, which will help you build up your following and increase the number of listeners. Additionally, be sure to create podcasts regarding current industry trends because listeners are more likely to find them interesting.

6) Invest in Proper Audio Equipment

No matter how good your song is, it’s not going to go viral if it sounds like a tin can. Investing in quality microphones and audio equipment will allow you to produce high-quality music that will attract more listeners. This is important because it’s the first thing potential listeners will hear when they listen to your song. In addition, don’t forget about investing in other equipment such as studio monitors, MIDI controllers, keyboards, drum machines, and more.

7) Consistently Posting Music

Posting your music on a regular basis is essential to going viral. The best time schedule will depend on what kind of project you are making and the amount of time that you have to dedicate to it.  Posting frequent updates about your music can also increase your likelihood since they will be able to see all of the amazing things that are happening with your music. Because it’s impossible to predict which songs will be popular or go viral, you should always make sure that your audience has the opportunity to hear your newest tracks. In general, three uploads per week is enough for people to notice your content and interact with you. You should also be sure to update your new songs as they come out so that your audience can stay up-to-date. Once again, depending on your project’s style and format, posting more than one song in a day might not be necessary.

8) Engage with your Audience

Engaging with your audience is important in order to build a loyal following, which will help you go viral. You have to communicate with your audience on social media as much as possible. The more engagement you get, the more likely people are to share your music and spread the word about what you are doing. If your social media channels are active and always updated, this will help ensure that you keep engaging with your followers.

9) Grow Your SoundCloud Plays by Purchasing


Although working hard is excellent, working smarter is preferable. In order to improve music vitality as quickly as feasible, purchasing more SoundCloud plays is the accurate and wisest decision you can make to increase your fame and go viral. You can avoid the hassle of constantly looking for how to increase your SoundCloud plays by purchasing them.

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Final Thought

You’ve got your music posted; now it’s time to share it with the world! Whether you’re a new or established artist, there are plenty of ways to get your tunes heard by more people and potentially make your music go viral on SoundCloud. These nine tips will help you get your music out there on SoundCloud, so what are you waiting for?

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