Worth of Studying Law in 2020: 7 Benefits of Becoming a Lawyer


Our judicial system is what makes us more civilized than ancient humans. And lawyers are one of the building blocks of this system. Catching white-collar criminals and bringing them to justice is no child’s play. Law is arguably an intricate and complicated subject to master. People think rocket science or music theory is involved.

Nevertheless, it takes a person’s blood and sweat to get a Juris Doctor degree. But why aren’t people motivated to become attorneys and paralegals? Is law worth your time and money? The study of a 2018 Gallup poll seems entirely appropriate to put here. They surveyed and interviewed more than 4,000 law students. These people had gotten their law degrees between 2000 and 2015. It revealed that only 23% of lawyers believed their education was worth it. Only 20% said that their graduate school education prepared them for their professional lives. But it’s a fact that, as a lawyer, you’ll eventually earn enough money to pay off your student debts—average student loans in law amount to $150,000 as of February 2020. As per Payscale, an average attorney earns $84,000 each year. But if you get a JD degree from some prestigious law school, you have a chance of receiving more.

For example, the practitioners of law in the District of Columbia earn the highest salaries. They get paid more than $190,000 every year. And the credit goes to their fool-proof legislative training. The University of Southern California ranks among the top 20 law schools as per US News rankings. Of course, graduating from a world-renowned educational institute ensures higher starting salaries.

As per BLS, the median pay of a lawyer (in 2019) was $123,000 per annum. It proves that the education you receive usually helps you advance in your career. Let’s revisit the same Gallup poll. 58% of law students stated that they got to apply classroom knowledge at a job/internship. However, there are specific issues associated with students getting discouraged. The attrition rate shows that some students do decide to drop out of law school mid-education. Yet there are many reasons why studying law still matters in 2020. Here are seven benefits of becoming a lawyer.

  • Political opportunities

What do Thatcher, Castro, Mandela, Gandhi, and Jinnah have all in common? They all were influential statesmen. And they all had a law degree. 15 US Presidents – including Obama – attended law school. Lincoln didn’t have a formal legislative education, but he was a self-taught lawyer. 23 Presidents had law degrees. Practicing law is the most common occupation among our commanders-in-chief! Therefore, if you want to become POTUS someday, a JD degree might come in handy.

  • Serving justice

You don’t need to be a philanthropist to fight for the weak and the poor. As a lawyer, you can help oppressed people take back what’s rightfully theirs. If you think your main priority is to serve justice, start taking pro bono cases. Try assisting those who can’t hire an expensive attorney. Some bar associations require their lawyers to accept a few pro bono cases every year. That’s how the society of lawmen helps people of low-income get justice.

  • Financial stability

Although it’s not that easy to make it rain green as a lawyer, frankly speaking, no occupation immediately makes you a millionaire. You have to bleed before your finances can come to speed. Lawyers who are good at their job, they do make a good living. As a lawyer becomes more experienced and specialized, he can expect more financial gains from his career.

  • Challenging yourself

A career as an attorney does affect your personality positively. Practicing law polishes your communication skill and makes you a “shark with a mouth.” You get better at discussions, debates, and arguments. You learn to defend your point with factual evidence instead of emotional rants. Your problem-solving skills also get some sparkling. That’s how you constantly challenge yourself to become better than you were yesterday.

  • A better personality

A lawyer’s self-confidence should never get underestimated. He awakens a sense of critical thinking in his soul by studying law. His reasoning capabilities grow case by case. He possesses the ability to think on his/her feet. By choosing to become a lawyer, that person develops an analytical mindset.

  • Diversity of career

You can combine your legal skills with non-legal options. That way, you get a lot of different career opportunities. Law education allows you to choose between alternative legal careers. You can try other fields such as business, training, publishing, consultancy, and much more. Even real estate and domestic planning let lawyers find some work.

  • Work environment

It can be an uncomfortable decision starting as a paralegal right after law school. But once you escape the difficulties of the bullpen, you get to enjoy your law career. Working in a cubicle at a prestigious law firm/agency is undoubtedly an exceptional work environment. But your promotion from the bullpen to cubicle depends upon your diligence and commitment to your job. Once you settle in your office and pay off your debts, the task becomes much more charming.


We can conclude that if you’re in law for money, the JD degree isn’t worth it. You can earn a lot more and a lot fast in other professions. If you’re contemplating a career in the subject of law, approach a decision after careful and prolong consideration. The relevant matters of life mustn’t decide in haste. If you’re not that much concerned about substantial income, the law presents many charms to you. As per one study, lawyers are emotionally satisfied with their careers. Half of the law degree-holders stated that they’d gotten a job right after graduation. But there are still downsides to the prospect of becoming a lawyer. As per McKinsey, 23% of the job done by lawyers can quickly get automated. But, of course, technology has affected not just the profession of lawyer.

Moreover, lawyers are admired and appreciated in our society. Prestige is what we call a significant motivation behind getting a law degree. The doctors of jurisprudence constitute a well-respected group known for its understanding and dedication. How many of you have watched a television series about cops or lawyers? Shows like Suits, Boston Legal, and Better Call Saul do prove that a law degree is worthy in 2020.

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