What Is an Online BLS Certification Course Like? Steps to Learning Essential First Aid Measures

When you are going about your everyday life, you may not even consider just how many accidents and emergencies happen around you every day – and you may not imagine that you might be the one who saves another person’s life.

It’s easy to imagine that there will always be trained professionals around who can take care of someone in danger, but this isn’t always true, especially in America, where an already-strained healthcare system was stretched nearly to breaking point by the Covid-19 pandemic. The average response time for emergency services in the US is approximately eight minutes from 911 call to ambulance arrival; it rises to a staggering 14.5 minutes for those in rural areas, which is where 60 million people call home. This is bad news for those who have suffered from cardiac arrest, as permanent brain damage can occur after only four minutes without blood circulation.

If you want to ensure that those you love have a fighting chance no matter where or when disaster strikes, it’s essential that you take an online Basic Life Support certification class. These courses teach you all the same skills you would learn in a classroom setting, but for a fraction of the cost and hassle. Let’s explore some of the factors you should consider when purchasing a BLS course, what you can expect from these classes, and how to prepare for your first lesson.

Look for reputable companies with the proper credentials to train

It’s important to note that there is no one approving body for BLS certification, so you need to rely on your best judgment when you are picking a company to work with. As with any industry, there will be fly-by-night businesses that capitalize on your good-natured desire to learn Basic Life Support, which is why it’s essential that you look at the qualifications and reputation of the training company. Good online first aid training classes teach according to standards set out by the American Heart Association, and they should have trained medical professionals teaching their courses.

Find companies that are approved providers for reputable organizations, as this means that they have been properly vetted by these well-respected institutions; for example, Protrainings is accepted by 99% of employers, including the United States Coast Guard. If your employer requires Basic Life Support certification as part of your training, you should check with them specifically to ensure that they will accept your online BLS certification.

These online classes require active participation

Once you’ve chosen a course to take, it’s easy to assume that because it’s an online class, you can just turn it on and zone out; however, don’t think for a second that these aren’t rigorous classes requiring your full attention. You’re learning essential information that can save a life, so the material will be highly interactive to ensure that you’re absorbing the material. Expect multimedia formats and comprehension checks, including quizzes and tests, so that you can demonstrate your understanding.

Though BLS certification classes may be attention-intensive, they are also very flexible, allowing you to complete smaller lessons throughout the day instead of requiring your focus for hours at a time. This format is very conducive to knowledge retention, and it also makes you more inclined to finish the course because you can more easily fit the lessons into your schedule. However, this also means that you need to stay disciplined about learning, because there won’t be a set time that you need to head to class and learn.

Set yourself up for success by making practice a habit

When it comes to online BLS certification, you should set aside a dedicated half-hour or more each day to revisit the material and advance to the next lesson: consistent practice will make it far easier for you to remember what you’re learning as opposed to cramming it all in right before the class ends. Find a quiet and comfortable place to study where you can give all your attention to the material, and take notes as you go rather than simply relying on watching or reading.

Everyone learns differently, so take some time to understand your own learning style: do you learn better by practicing or teaching someone else, or are you a visual person who can draw things out to remember them better? Take advantage of the flexible format in order to tailor the approach to you, and don’t hesitate to revisit topics that you’re not quite sure about as many times as you need.

Take advantage of all the resources available in the course, including practice simulations and quizzes. Remember that these skills could save a life someday, and they should be taken seriously: practice until you feel you’ve gotten it exactly right, and return to previous lessons every so often to brush up on your skills. The more focus and dedication you bring to the table, the more you will get out of the class.

You never know when you may need these skills, so sign up for one of these cost-effective courses today

Basic Life Support certification is something that you will never regret learning, even if you never have to put it into practice. It’s better to know exactly but not need it than to need it and not know it, so take some time to find a reputable online BLS course. These classes will give you the confidence to step in when there’s an emergency for a low price and a small time commitment – and it will be worth every penny.

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