King-size Vs Queen-size Bed: Which One is Perfect for You?

Do you fall asleep immediately after laying in bed or does it take you several hours of turning and tossing before you are finally asleep? While there are many factors that affect your sleep cycle, the size, and comfort of your mattress matter the most. Sometimes, all it takes to restore your sleep cycle is upgrading to a better mattress. King and queen-sized beds are the homeowners’ favorite choices for bedrooms. But, which one is the best? Your choice comes down to the factors like the space in your bedroom, your budget, and your preference.

Consider the Size

King and queen-sized beds look similar and have almost the same measurements. The only major difference is in their width. Queen sized bed measures 60 by 80 inches, almost double the size of a full-size bed but smaller than the king-size mattress. Length-wise, there is no difference in these beds. But, king-sized bed tends to be more than one foot wider than their queen-sized counterparts.

How Many People Will Use It?

A king-sized bed is a good option for couples. If you need adequate space to toss and turn comfortably, a spacious and wide bed is what you need for a good night’s sleep. It is designed to accommodate two people, while still giving you enough space to toss and turn. In fact, your kids and pets can also sleep with you in a king-sized bed. So, for families looking for a wide bed that has sufficient space to allow more than one person to sleep, a king-sized bed is your best bet.

Available Space in Your Room

The most important thing to consider when choosing a bed is the space in your home and where will this bed go. If you have a small space, a queen-sized bed will make a good choice. A king-sized bed is for a massive bedroom where your bed and other pieces of furniture can fit easily without having to re-arrange the layout. However, a common problem with a king-sized bed is that it’s difficult to move through the narrow hallways and other small spaces due to its size. So, if you move your house frequently or need a bed that can fit into a medium-sized room comfortably, select from queen bed designs.


One thing people love about queen and king beds is the level of comfort these pieces of furniture offer. Both beds have plenty of space for couples, although king beds are the largest. The queen-sized bed is equally comfortable and consumes considerably less space than its king counterpart. A couple can sleep comfortably on a king bed, and you’ll still have sufficient space to stretch your legs and toss and turn.


The downside to a king bed is that it comes with a high price tag. Queen beds are easy on your wallet. If you can shell out on your furniture and have a massive room to accommodate an extraordinarily large bed, check out the double king-sized bed designs.

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