Discover The Most Common Pests for Pets

If you have a pet or two then you’re going to want to do everything possible to look after them properly. Part of that means knowing what pests are likely to bother your pets and how to deal with them. It should be noted that many of the pests which cause problems for pets can also be an issue for humans. You can learn about the most effective methods of getting rid of harmful insects, on this website:

If you think you have a pest problem you should contact your local pest control. They won’t treat your pets but they can eliminate the source of the pests in your home or yard.


These small creatures are one of the first things dog and cat owners think of. Adult fleas are generally only 3mm long, making them difficult to spot. They survive by eating blood and are exceptionally good jumpers for their size.

Fleas will land on a pet and immediately bite them to suck the blood. They don’t generally carry disease but the bites will be very itchy and constant scratching can lead to infections.

Fleas also multiply very quickly. They will lay their eggs in the pet’s fur and any carpet areas. It’s essential to treat your dog and vacuum daily to reduce their numbers.


These are other common pests that love your animals. Ticks are not good jumpers, they don’t even run. But, they are very good at waiting on a blade of grass for extended periods. All your pet has to do is rub past the blade of grass. The tick will be waiting with two legs off the grass, these instantly connect to your pet’s fur and carry the tick off the grass.

They will then look for a nice spot and stick their head through the skin to suck blood. Again, ticks can also be an issue for humans.

Ticks will fall off once they are full. However, the bigger issue with ticks is that they can carry diseases. This can lead to serious complications for pets and humans.


Mosquitoes are small and almost silent, except for a high-pitched whine. They can also carry diseases and will bite humans as well as pets. That’s why you don’t want to be bitten by them. It’s only female mosquitoes that bite as they need the protein in blood to produce eggs.

One of the biggest risks to pets is if the mosquito is carrying heartworm. These will make your pet ill and, if left untreated, can kill your pet.

Mosquito repellent and not keeping any standing water in the vicinity is the best way to protect your pet.


Cockroaches and other small bugs won’t generally bother your pets. However, because they scuttle around they will capture your pet’s interest. That means they can bite the cockroach or other insects.

Unfortunately, as cockroaches are known to carry diseases on their bodies, it is possible that digesting a cockroach, or drinking water they have walked through, can make your pet ill. You need to keep the pet’s water off the floor and be vigilant for pest issues. Your local specialist will take care of the pests for you.

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