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Cyberbullying is a form of digitally bullying someone. Bullying is nothing new, and we come to hear about it or see it in the news now and then. As much as, this agonizing truth hurts us, there is no denying that there are uncouth people alive, who don’t realize how words can affect the other person. It is time that we do something about it and start supporting #nocyberbullying.

Cyberbullying is mainly done through computers, cell phones, as well as tablets. Kids can use these devices to harass their classmates, threaten them and even intimate the other person. What joy and pleasure do kids receive after cyberbullying someone is hard to digest, but that’s the bitter truth that we need to accept. Cyberbullying can be done through social media sites, for instance, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and other interactive social media apps. It can be done by continually sending messages to someone and by disturbing them. They can also happen through online forums, online gaming platforms, and in many different ways through online apps. Cyberbullying is more than saying something very harsh to someone, nowadays, it can also happen by updating something about someone on their social media page, by sharing something extremely negative about someone, they can also spread rumors, and most importantly, cyberbullies often use mean content to abuse, someone.

Cyberbullying can turn into harassment, where one person or a group of people continuously harass someone in particular. Harassing someone can often be termed as cyberstalking as well. Then there is an online fight, which is known as flaming, exclusion, where you and a group of your known people completely isolate one particular person, the person under attack may become the victim of outing as well, where someone shares intimate photos of the victim and try to shame them, and more.

#nocyberbullying is a campaign started by Famisafe. Famisafe is a parental control application that is available for both iOS and Android. Do you know that more than 80% of kids use smartphones to stay connected, and this is the most common form of cyberbullying? More than 59% of American kids suffer from cyberbullying.

Social media is also not safe from cyberbullying. In fact, many kids find social media to be the best platform to attack someone because social media lets them bully someone in front of a more significant audience.

Looking at the statistics, doesn’t it frighten you that your kid might be under attack of some cyberbullying? Famisafe can help you keep your kids away from harmful apps and away from cyberbullies. Famisafe comes with many features. This robust parental control app, let you block apps, through which bullies can attack your kids, you can prevent their screen time limit, and from using harmful apps. The app also lets you detect explicit content and set unique alert words as well. Use this app to identify suspicious photos.

Keeping your child safe from cyberbullying is your responsibility. So, join the #nocyberbullying campaign, and join hands for a cyberbullying free world.

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