Concierge Medicine: Key Factors to Consider

Concierge medicine, also known as boutique or retainer medicine, is a healthcare model that offers personalized care, often with greater access to the physician, for an annual or monthly fee. While it’s not a new concept, its popularity has grown significantly in recent years. If you’re considering making the switch, here’s what to look for in concierge medicine:

1. Accessibility

One of the primary benefits of concierge medicine is improved access to care. When considering a provider, ask:

  • Communication: Can you reach your doctor directly via phone, text, or email?
  • Appointment Availability: How quickly can you get an appointment? Some concierge doctors offer same-day or next-day appointments.
  • Appointment Length: Longer, unhurried visits are a hallmark of concierge care. Ensure your provider doesn’t rush appointments.

2. Comprehensive Care

While traditional practices often focus on treating illnesses, many concierge practices, like WellcomeMD, emphasize overall health and wellness. Look for:

  • Preventive Services: This can include comprehensive physical exams, health risk assessments, and screenings.
  • Wellness Programs: Nutrition counseling, exercise plans, and mental health services might be available.

3. Expertise and Qualifications

It’s vital to trust the qualifications and expertise of your physician.

  • Credentials: Ensure the doctor is board-certified in their specialty.
  • Experience: How long have they been practicing? Do they have expertise in specific areas that are important to you?
  • Continuous Learning: Medicine is ever-evolving. Is the physician committed to ongoing education?

4. Patient Load

A reduced patient load is one of the distinguishing features of concierge medicine. This allows physicians to spend more time with each patient. Inquire about:

  • Patient-to-Doctor Ratio: A traditional primary care physician might have a panel of 2,000 patients or more. In contrast, a concierge doctor often limits their practice to several hundred patients.

5. Facilities and Technology

Top-notch facilities and the latest medical technology can significantly enhance the care you receive. Consider:

  • Office Environment: Is the facility clean, modern, and comfortable?
  • Diagnostic Tools: Does the practice offer in-house testing or advanced diagnostic tools?
  • Electronic Health Records (EHR): A fully integrated EHR system allows for better tracking and management of your health data.

6. Cost and Value

Concierge medicine involves out-of-pocket expenses, which can vary widely.

  • Fees: Understand all costs upfront, including annual or monthly fees.
  • Included Services: Determine what’s included in the fee. Some services might be extra.
  • Insurance: Some concierge practices accept insurance for specific services, while others don’t. Understand how your insurance integrates with the concierge model.

7. Personal Rapport

Personalized care means building a relationship with your doctor.

  • Compatibility: Do you feel comfortable discussing health concerns with the physician?
  • Listening Skills: Does the doctor take the time to listen and understand your health needs and goals?
  • Collaborative Approach: The best healthcare decisions are made collaboratively. Ensure your doctor values your input in your healthcare journey.

8. Location and Network

Convenience can play a significant role in your healthcare experience.

  • Proximity: Consider how close the practice is to your home or workplace.
  • Network: If you need to see a specialist, does the physician have a network of trusted colleagues to whom they can refer you?


Concierge medicine offers an attractive alternative to traditional healthcare models, emphasizing a personal relationship between doctor and patient, enhanced access, and a focus on holistic wellness. However, it’s essential to do your homework before choosing a provider. By considering the factors outlined above, you can select a concierge medicine practice that aligns with your health needs and expectations, ensuring a fruitful, long-term healthcare partnership.

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