7 Best Dog Breeds For First-Timers

In this short article, we present a list that consists of 7 dog breeds which are widely regarded as the best choices for first-time owners. Even though no one doubts your commitment and desire to make a pet feel loved, you can understand that having a less demanding dog and one that has a much more easy-going character, is better for you. A Collie, Huskie or Rottweiler might be beautiful and unique but it’s no walk-in-the-park having to deal with the grooming, training and care that is necessary. With that being said, we won’t delay this any more and here are some breeds for first-time owners.


Everyone knows the iconic Poodle. However, a lot of people who aren’t familiar with Poodles might think that they’re this snooty breed of very picky dogs that only a snob could love. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. Poodles are very playful, loyal, lovable and tremendously intelligent. Most lists rank them as either the 1st or the 2nd most intelligent dog breed in the world. And there’s also the variety – ranging from tiny Toy Poodles, all the way to Royals. They don’t shed too much and they’re very homely. Their demand for activity is average and a Poodle’s character is what a first-time owner just craves.

Labrador or Golden Retriever

The expression that the dog is man’s best friend probably was conceived when someone saw how Labradors and Golden Retrievers interacted with their people. They are loving, kind, fun, entertaining, gentle and great with kids. They don’t demand too much physical exercise and are super intelligent which means that it’s not hard to train them. The only downside – they can gain excess weight if you can’t resist their puppy eyes and share treats too often.


From afar, a Bichon look like tiny clouds. They’re white and fluffy, always skimping around excited. They’re great companions, always eager to be by your side. They aren’t demanding physically and Bichons are also mostly hypoallergenic. If you train them to socialise, this is a bulletproof choice for your first dog.


Some people might think that Boxers are fighters (the name suggests so, anyways). In reality they’re loyal and will always be gentle, if you train them right. Seldom you see an aggressive Boxer but people still mistake their appearance. They need to spend a lot of time being active, however, so you have to prepare to train them in a way which is best for them.

Shih Tzu’s

Small but not easy-to-forget. Shih Tzu’s are a great choice for people who live in apartments. They are excellent home dogs which means that you won’t have any trouble with barking, sniffing and going about in the forest. They do have character and can overstep boundaries at first, so you have to assert dominance early on.


Slightly unexpected entry into our list. Nonetheless, Greyhounds are a fine choice, even if you’re a first-time pet owner. It must be said, however, that you need to be aware that this is the fastest-running dog breed on the planet. Every Greyhound is like a mini rocket-ship capable of reaching around 72 kph or 45 mph. Don’t waste this and give them enough exercise. Once you bring them home, they are super loyal, very affectionate and lovable. They always seek closeness and comfort. Outdoors, they are very curious.

King Charles Spaniels

A small dog with plenty of feistiness. King Charles Spaniels have a long coat but don’t require that much grooming for it. Dogs of this breed are usually gentle and quite easy to train. Not a lot of exercise is necessary and this makes it an excellent choice as an apartment dog.

Some final words

So, these would be the 7 breeds of dogs we recommend for first-time owners. If you found this article interesting and wish to know more interesting things about dogs and more specifically, how to groom them, go to Our Pets Mag which has tons of engaging, insightful content that’s definitely worth reading for dog people of the world!

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